Never ending love


4. Chapter 4

 harry didnt even hit him back he just took the punch. i snaped into reality and grabed zayn arm and look into his eyes. he quickly away.
    zayn pov: ( this is pretty much flash back)
i quickly looked away from her eyes knowing that if i did she can see everything im feeling.
  " im going for walk." i said and quickly walked out. the sun rises once i got outside. i made my way to the park and sat on the bench where me and rana first met. it was really funny actually.(they were just signed when zayn and I  met so they werent that popular world wide) her and brittany were playing soccer, when she kicked the ball and it hit me in downstairs area. brittany gasped, but rana started was laughing. it was the way she laughed that made me love her. it could brighten up a room in a matter of seconds. brittany then dragged her to say sorry. 
  " im so sorry for hitting your crouch.....HAHAHAHHAHAHA..... im sorry i couldnt keep a straight face while saying that." she started laughing i smirked shook my head
. she held out her hand to help me up. but instead i pulled her down next to me. she muttered some bad words under her breath and looked at me. her eyes glistened in the sunlight. she smiled widely making her eyes go small. her cheek bones were like perfect little plums. i finally got up and helped her up. she looked around looking for brittany where she was teaching niall how to play basketball. she smirked and shook her head and looked up at me. 
  "do you want to go sit on that bench over there?" she asked me i nodded my head. we sat on the bench in silence for what seem lime forever when i decieded i should talk.
  " im zayn malik." i said making her look at me in shock.
  " i didnt know you talk....heehee im rana by the way." she replyed. the rest of night we were talking and laughing and really got to know each. from that day we were together everywhere we went except.for the bathroom and stuff.(he is now done thinking about the flash back and it is real life
i smiled to myself.
   " hey.." i saw rana standing there in her pjs and one of my sweatshirts on.
   " thats my sweat shirt you know" i looked at her raising my eyebrows. she chuckled to her self and sat next to me with her legs in a pretzel.
   " we need to talk." i said to her.
   Rana POV:
  " we need to talk" i heard him saw to me. my eys widened but i put my eyes down knowing if he looks in my eyes he'll know everything im thinking about. okay rana prepare for a breakup. breath. brea-
   " look me in the eyes" he then picked up chin to see my watery tears. he then looked into my eyes and i looked into his eyes. i nodded my head and got up and took off his sweat shirt and walked off..... me and zayn are offically broken up. i ran into my room and locked the door. i crowched in a ball and broke down. tthats all i have been doing lately crying....

  rana pov: 
 its been a month since the break and the fans have been going crazy.  brittany and i were talking and agree that we need to get a new environment so me and her are moving to lovely new york. instead of going university were taking a year off from school. dont worry brittany isn't leaving niall he will be on tour while were in new york. they will be keeping in touch. i have been better but it doesnt hurt anymore. im sorta emotionless.  but enough with all the sadness. im right now packing my bag while brittany went out to buy me food ( were living together).
   niall pov: 
zayn has been out of it lately. he doesnt want to do anything. i know him and rana broke up but he broke up with her and she seems fine. i see her everytime i see brittany which is often she isnt awkward unless i bring up zayn or harry she either frowns or laughs at their stupidness. i walked up the stairs and knocked on zayns door. he didnt answer so i just walked in. he look at me with puffy eyes.
  "hey...are you okay?" i looked at him awkwardly and asked him.
 "anyone home?" he asked me avoiding my question. i shook my head no.
  " okay good.... and no im not." he said sitting up from the bed.
  "tell dr.horan whats wrong." i said in my american accent. zayn smile and shook his head.
  " don't make fun if me okay. i broke up with Rana because as long as harry liked her there would be problems between me and him. i thought that i could go on without her but its the hardest thing ever. it feels like i lost my whats the word?" he asked
" yea it feels like i lost that."
   " i know if i ever lost brittany i wouldnt know what to do with my life." i said to him smiling when i said her name.
   " niall how did you know tht you loved her?" he asked me
 i knew this answer bettwr then i know my name.
   " she teaching my how to play h.o.r.s.e. i threw the ball to hard at the square thing and it hit me in the head. i feel backwards. she ran straight torwards me saying sorry a good hundred times. she looked straight into my eyes smiling straight me. her smile was wide and adorable and then she giggled. that when i knew i found my princess and without her im just some weirdo living in a hude ass house." i blushed like a tomato. " zayn you better figure out if shes your princess  or not because she and brittany leave for new york tonight."
  zayn pov: 
niall then walked out leaving me to think. i didnt even knew,she was going to new york... maybe its just to get away from me. my eyes suddenly started closing. the next thing i knew it was 6 and rana flight leaving at 7. it takes me at least 2 hours to get there. i had dream abouy me and rana in the fields we aefd getting married and it was the best day if my life and now ik for sure if shes my princess . i got in my car and drove as fast as u cold to the airport. i looked at my watch 6:01 i ran as fast as i could
  "RANA RANA!" i yelled i finally see niall turn around and loon at me.
   "  you took to long you lost her. she is gone for a whole year and you had the chance to make her yours again but u blew it you blew once again. she was looking for someone she didnt say who for sure but all of us were even harry."  niall said to me disppointed.
  niall pov: 
i hugged brittany back tightly and kissed her nose she scrunched it up. i luaghed and kissed her lips. man im gonna miss her. i looked nehind her to see rana awkwardly on her phone. brittany and i migrated over to her and hugged her. me and rana have develop a brother sister bond. i looked arond for zayn but he was no where in sight. i sighed and so did rana. they grabbed there bags and walked to the plane. i watched as the plane took off and i turn around to see zayn.
   rana pov:  
we were on the plane and we were getting a lot of looks. they werent weird looks but sorta shocked.
  "brittany do you see them too?" she nodded her head. finally one of the girls came up to us. 
   "are you guys rana and brittany?" she asked we nodded our head. me and brittany have only done a few modeling jobs not enough to get reconized.
  " can me and my friends get a picture. we love you too and brittany you and niall are the cutest couplr ever and rana i loved you and zayn together...... but anyway can we?" 
   " uh yea sure." i said. we stood up and took a few pictures with them. we took some cute then stupid and then funny pkcture.
   " you guys are awesome! we love you!" she said hugging both of us and ran back to her seat. 
me and brittany then went to sleep for the rest of the plane ride.
 *getting off the plane leaving the airport*
   we walked put of the airport. there was many people with cameras. taking pictures of us. i was in my pjs ( ) and brittanz was in hers to ( ) . it was really early and everyone was yelling questions to me and brittany. in london know knew about us but here we are known. i called a taxi while brittany shot looks at the paperazzi. soon enough the taxi vame and we told him the adress. we got to our apartment building. i unlocked the door to see and empty apartment. this was our life now.
    *6 months later*
brittany and i are now pretty well known and we do many interviews and on the cover of maganizes. its pretty awesome actually. zayn and i's break up had died down. i think he is dating perrie now and well me i have been a single little butterfly... brittany and i are right now about to leave the apartment for some breakfast. i was walking outsidr when i saw a group of people standing screaming. when i looked in the middle i saw zayn and perry..
  " Hey everyone look its rana!" some little brat screamed. i widened my eyes as a group of people left zayn and ran to me.
   " woah you guys i need to breath." i laughed and they all took a step back. i signed some autographs took a bunch of pictures to point where my lips hurt. finally the crowd disappeared and brittany came out. that weiner waited for them to leave. i looked in front to see zayn and perry just standing there looking. 
  i avoided eye contact and we walked straight to the diner only to see harry niall liam and louis all sitting at a tabke smling whe  we walked in. brittany ran to niall and i smiled wide. 
    " what are you guys doing here?" i asked going up and hugging them. i might have beef with zayn ( me and harry let everything go and were just close friends) the boys are still my brother. we all sat down getting ready to order when zayn and perry walked in. i looked at brittany asking if she knew about this. she shook her head no and looked at niall who said no too. liam looked down playing with a fork. now we know who invited him.
  "hello i will be waiter today. what can i get you guys?" he said
  " ill have chocolate chip pancakes with a french vanilla coffee with those mini marshmellows please." i said ti her suddenly perry made a noise of disgust. i suddenly didnt feel hungry anymore.
  " um actually ill just have the coffee please." i said with a smile. harry looked at me disappointed. beside niall me and harry have a very strong bond. everyone said there order and we were all eating. i was jusr about to walk out when harry pulled me back. he gave me a box. it had the pancakes in the them
  " dont listen to her ok? now when we get back to your apartment your gonna lock yourself in ypur room and eat all those oancakses okay?" he said to me like he was my father. i giggled and shook my head as we went to go and catch up with everyone. zayn kept looking behind me at me and harry. all me and him were doing were walking and talking.

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