Never ending love


3. Chapter 3

 your hair is messed up." i said to zayn. he  just shrugged.
 " its worth it cause im with you." i rolled my eyes playfully. i then relized harry was still in his car.
 "HARRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" i yelled to him.
 "IM SUPPOSE TO TAKE ZAYN BACK TO THE INTERVIEW!" he yelled back. i looked at zayn and grabed his arm pulled him to the car. i opened the door and pushed  him inside. he just chuckled at my sillyness. i started to walk back inside .
  *next day*
 suddenly my phone started ringing.
 " hey destiny!, umm sure can brittany come cause i made plans with her today. ok ill see you tom."  that was myfriend destiny she was one of one directions backround dancers on x factor. me and her hang out as much as we can since she always touring the world. i texted brittany to get her ass over here so me and her can go to the mall and meet up with destiny. seconds later my dorrbell rang.
 " i would have been here sooner but i stopped to get a donut. oh that reminds me here." brittany said handing me a donut. i shook my head and chuckled and went up stairs to get changed ( ) i grabed the keys to my car and walked out. 
*skip car ride*
 i a little destiny sitting in the foodcourt with 5 boys. i look at brittany me and her knew exactly who they were.
 " AHHHHHHHHHH!" me and brittany both screamed in zayn and nialls ears. they bothed fell out of there seat. and mumbled curse word under their breaths. me and brittany laughed and went to take there seats.
 " destiny! come give us a hug!" brittany said holding out her arms i did the same.
 " why cant you give me a hug?" she asked raising her eyebrow
 " because were lazyasses now come here!" i said making people chuckle. destiny shook her head and gave Brittany and I  a hug.
 "hey we were here longer wheres our hugs?" harry asked give destiny the puppy dog eyes. she playfully rolled her eyes.
 *destiny POV*
i got up to go give harry a hug. he stood up for me to hug him. i pretty small compared to him im only up to his neck. i put my arms around him. he gave me a very nice comfortable hug. i could stay therd forever. i looked up and saw him smirk. i furrowed my eyebrows. all of a sudden i feel water being poured on my head.
 " what the hell you guys!" i yelled. i was clearly mad. i turned around and saw louis liam zayn and nialll laughing like crazy and brittany and rana sitting there shocked. i ran straight for the bathroom. when someone grabed my arm. 
  " hey im sorry we didnt know you were gonna get mad we were only having fun. if u want you can pour water on my head." harry said looking at me with his green glistening eyes. i looked back at him. he stared straight my lips. i started to lean closer. we were a few inches away from kissing when......
  *Rana pov*
" hey destiny are you okay? you never came-" i looked up to see her and harry about ro kiss. i looked up. woah harry moved on fast but i shaked it off and smirk.  
  " clearly you guys are fine" i said winking before walking back to everyone. i saw zayn by starbuck waiting on line. i walked up to him. he saw me and smiled.
 "hey what are you getting?" i asked him.
 " just a drink. do you want one?" he answered. 
 "nope ill just drink from yours." i said he smiled and looked down at me and kissed my head.
 "im gonna go sit down okay?" i asked he nodded his head. as i was walking away he slapped my butt. i turned around and gave him the death glare. when i got to the table. destiny and harry werent sitting next to each other. harry was just sitting alone at the end of the table. i took chair from some random person and sat next to him.
 harry pov:
i look up to see her brown chocolate eyes. looking at me, i know what your thinking you took zayn to her. but it was only because she can be happy. i hated seeing her like that. louis is the only one who knows everything. when she walked in on me about to kiss destiny i saw her hurt at first and let it go. im gonna try to get over rana but i just cant get her out of my mind. when i think of her i smile. i never actually had her but it felt like i did. but then theres destiny i like her but i dont love her. i want to get over rana and i think destiny can make that happen but i doubt it. i dont want to take advantage of her.
   "harold? earth to harry?" rana said trying to get my attention. i looked up at her and smiled.
  "are you okay why are you sitting here. come have fun!" and with that she grabbed my hand and dragged me to everyone.
Rana pov:
i set him down on my aught and zayn came and sat on my left...... now this was awkward.
  *later that night.*
destiny went home that day since she is going on tour with justin bieber as one of his dancer. it was me and the boyz beside niall and brittany since they went on a date.
 it was really late and it was only me and harry up everyone else was sleeping.
   " harry can you come with me to kitchen." i asked him. he looked at me questionably.
  " the dark freaks me out." i said he chuckled and held out his hand i took it and directed me to the kitchen.
  "yes we made it alive." i said and then realized i was still hold harry hand. i quickly took it away and went to the fridge got some soda. i then went to the freezer got vanilla ice cream.
  " would you like an ice cream float?" i asked him. he nodded his head yes. 
i scooped ice cream into the cups. when harry was looking i put a mento into his cup.
 "harry can you pour the soda into the cups while i go and get my phone. he noddedd his head again. i walked out and hid behind the door.
  "ahhh!" i heard him scream i walked in laughing to see no one. suddenly i feel soda being squirted in my face. i open my eyes to harry really close to my face. sudddenly he kissed me. i pushed hin away. 
  " Harry im dating zayn!" i whisperd yelled. 
 " i dont know why. he broke your heart!" he whispered yelled back to me.
  " i know that!" i was now on the verge of a panic attack. 
  " im sorry. we can pretend like it never happened. he doesnt need to know that we kissed. it-" harry was then interuppted
  " you guys kissed!??!?!?" i turned to see louis. i tensed up. and looked away and put my head down.
   " i kissed her she didnt kiss back though. now she is panicing on how to tell zayn." harry explained to louis. louis walked up to harry and smarked his head and mummbled idiot under his breath. louis then pulled me into a hug. i started to cry in his shoulders. he is like an older brother.
  "omg babe whats wrong? why are you crying?" zayn said running to me. louis let go but styaed next to me. harry was about to walk out but louis grabbed him and pullrd him back. 
  "explain what you did?" louis said to harry clearly angry zayn stiffened his back and a fist formed in his hand. i could tell once he found out he was going to ripped harry head off.
  "i kissed-" harry didnt even get to finish zayn punched him right then and there. 


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