Never ending love


2. Chapter 2

 * 3 weeks later*
me and harry have moved in together but just as friends. nothing more. we are alittle flirty together ,but thats it.  But for zayn, me and him are dating for the press since zayn cant be know as a lying cheat asswipe. ( in my words)  As you can tell I'm still mad at him but hey you cant blame me. 
I need to go and get ready  me and zayn are making an apperance on  AMA. Me and him are presenting the award for best new artist. As i was smoothing my dress down. (  ) 
" 5 minutes until we go on stage." Zayn said walking in i nodded my head.
 " you look gorgeous" zayn said. Omce again i nodded my head. He sighed and handed me his tie. I quickly fixed it and we slowly walked hand in hand on stage. 
  "Well hi everyone!" I said into the micro phone. Zayn waved his hand and put his arm around my waist. the crowd wemt wild with awhs. i laughed
  " these artists have worked there asses off and im pretty honored to present them there awards." then the creepy voice man aid all the nominees
" the winner is justin bieber!" he ran on stage as me and zayn walked down. i quickly changed into a different dress( ) zayn chuckled at my outfit i rolled my eyes and continued to fix myself up.
  "Stop doing that! Im trying to work this out with you i dont want you to be unhappy its killing please just stop!" Zayn yelled but not loud enough so people wouldnt here. I quickly turned around and said
  " Zayn i am unhappy! I dont want to do this any more! i hated you when i found out what you did i still hate you." i yelled having tears drip down my face. but continued talking.
 " but u didnt think about that did you? Do you know how many people have asked me how our relationship? I always say we're perfect we're not perfect zayn not anymore." And with that I walked out.
  " where are you going?" zayn asked.
 " im going to go out there and put the best smile i can. im going to pretend that my life is perfect." i answered with a tear running down my cheek but i quickly wiped it away before he could see. i walked out zayn quickly following behind. me and zayn kept out distance the rest of the night.        
all the boys came back to my and harrys flat after the award show. brittany came along to.  i was in the kitchen making to tea for everyone when zayn walked in. i pretended i didnt notice him until he talked.
 " i just talked to managment....tomorrow this whole thing is over. i make it offical during the interview were doing."
 "thanks." i said half smiling. 
  * next day* 
Zayns pov:
 today was the day. we all woke up bright. i wasnt looking forward to this at all.we were all walking out the door when a sleepy rana walks downstairs. i chuckld to myself.
*skip car ride*
 we walked into the interviewig place. i sat down in my seat with niall and liam next to me. i looked at them with sympathic eyes saying dont make me do this.
 " zayn you put this all on yourself" niall whispered to me i nodded my head since i knew he was right. soon a young lady came and sat down with a list of questions in her hand.
 " hello boys i dont think you need to intoduce yourself your know world wide. So lets just get straight to the questions." the lady said. all the question were pointless and we all have answered them before.
  " so who has girlfriends in this bunch?"  niall and louis raised thers hands. the lady looked at me questionably.
 " zayn to all the fans you have a girlfriend and you guys are quite inlove i must say. would you mind telling us why u didnt raise your hand." the lady asked. this was it. i sighed and answered.
  "umm, well i was cheating on her with another girl. she found out a few weeks back and broke up with me but we were fake dating so no one would suspect anything." the lady looked shocked. i looked down.
  " well zayn the question is did you ever love her or was she just a game to you?" the lady said clearly mad i guess the same thing happened to her. but i was starting to grow angry.
 " dont even say that! of course i love her! she would never be a game to me!" i yelled. 
  "then why did u cheat on her. clearly she means nothing to if you did i!" the lady sneered trying to make me crack. she did a pretty good job because  i walked away from the camera and sat down on the floor and rolled up in a ball and cried.
   rana pov:
i watched as zayn walked  out of the interview. i sat there shocked sipping my tea. i made zayn cry. I made zayn malik cry. yup im a horrible person its offical. suddenly my phone started ringing. i looked at it, it was zayn.
 "im sorry"
 "zayn i know you told me a humdred times"
 "no its different this time. during the interview i realize how bad i hurt you. that all the times you called me an asshole i deserved it. making a fool of myself on national tv because you were unhappy. i did all of this because-"
suddenly the doorbell rang. i got up and opened the door to see zayn. he hung up the phone and put it in his pocket.
"because i love you..." zayn said looking me in the eyes.  what about harry how am i gonna tell him me and zayn are back together. 
  " he drove me here and were back together!?!?!" zayn said reading my mind. i have to stop 
being so easy to read. zayn then chuckled and looked up at me. i ran straight into his arms and dug my face into his neck. he huged back and put his head on mine.
 " i missed you" 
 "i missed you 2" he said.  i let go and looked up at him.
 " i love you" he said as he kissed my nose. i scrunched it up and he laughed. 
 " i love you 2."  suddenly it started raining. zayn pulled me into the rain. and kiss me so softly and gentle. i giggled. 


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