Never ending love


1. Chapter 1

I never really get see zayn even though he came back from tour a week ago.he was just never around and im starting grow tired of it. Every time i ask him to spend time with him he says he busy. So i started to hang out with harry more often since he makes time for me. One day i was hanging out with harry at a local park veting to him about zayn.
"I really love him, more than anything. He is like the world to me, but now it feels like the world crashing down. I just can't it anymore. I'm so tired of feeling like I'm a bad girlfriend.maybe I actually a bad girlfriend? I really really wish I knew." i couldn't  hold it in anymore i broke down into tears. harry said nothing just held me in his grasp and kissed my head trying to confort me. I felt so safe something i havent felt in a long time. Harry grabbed my cheeks wiped my tears and put his forehead against mine.
" your perfect. zayn is stupid if he doesnt realize it." He look straight into my eyes not once did he look at my lips. I hugged him tight and we started to walk back to zayn and i's flat in silence but one of those nice silence. As i unlocked the door i saw all the boys including zayn at the kitchen table talking. Harry causally walk into the kitchen sat next louis. I took off my shoes and jacket. I was about to walk up stairs when zayn called my name. I turned around put on the best smile i could.
"Uh yeah zayn? i asked
he pated the sit next to him and smiled. i slowly walked over there and sat down
"so what were you harry doing where were you guys?" he showered me with questions. great now he doesnt trust me anothing to add on my list to worry about. but i knew i had to answer or he wont talk to me at all.
" we went to the park and went on the swings." i shrugged and yawned " im going to take a nap okay?" zayn nodded and went to kiss my lips but i quickly moved my head so he can kiss my cheeks.from the corner of my eyes i saw him put his head down.
   harry pov
the way she walked up the stairs with her head down. i justed wanted to run up to her and hug and kiss and tell her it will be all right. that there is someone better for
" stop staring at her! damn it you could at least try to pretend that you dont like her! she is my girlfriend not yours so stop flirting with her and trying to take her away!" zayn hissed at me. that was when i lost it

rana POV: 
 "Tell me about what?" I asked interuping harry acting like i didnt the whole fight sadly zayn saw right through and knew i heard just by looking at me but he kept quiet about me knowing.
  "Go ahead zayn tell her what you have been doing these past weeks that made you so busy to spend time with her!" Harry yelled. I flinched then looked at zayn. He had his head down in disappointment.
 "Zayn?" He looked up a tear slipped down his face
 "I'm sorry and i love you i truly do she means nothing to me you have to believe me....please?" Zayn pleaded. Before i knew it everything flashed before me all the memorys everything just came crumbling down........ zayn is cheating on me. When zayn came closer to me and put his hand on the face. I slapped it away. He looked at me hurt. 
 "How long?" I spat at him 
  " 6 months" he said 
  " you digust me" i said and with that i spit in his face ran upstair. Tears fell from my face but i didn't want to,all i wanted to do was get away from him as fast as possible i grab my suitcase and put all things i need to use that i wear for at least a week until i come back to get the rest of my stuff. Just as i was about to walk out of the room harry opens the door takes my suitcase. I followed slowly behind with louis following after me. I was just about to go into harry car when i ran away. I had no idea where i was going but i ran as fast as i could.

Harry pov: 
i was about to put her bags in the car when i saw her run away. I was just to run after her when someone grabbed my arm i turned around to see zayn.
"i know where shes going come on."

Rana pov: 
I finally stoped running to catch my breath. I looked behind me to see no one. I grab my phone from my pocket and call the first person i could think of. Rinngg.....ring....rin-
  "Heey rana whats up?" Brittany asked she was nialls girlfriend but also my best friend.
 " are you home?" I said quickly.
  " yea wh-" i cut her off. "Ok bye" and with that i hung up. I ran straight to her house, which is like a second home for me. I had a key to the house and knew where everything was. I opened the door to her house and saw all the boys sitting down in the living room. Niall and brittany laughing at louis and liam being idiots. Then harry and zayn sat witht their heads down. I shut the door loudly so everyone would hear it. Brittany turned around laughing i guess she found it funny that i shut the door. I couldnt help but chuckle at the thought of it causing to get confused looks from people. I pretended i was fine and walked over to the couch and sat next to liam criss cross apple sauce.
  " aye what ups hommie g?" Brittany said making me laugh
  " nothing much my sista!" I replyed and with that we broke into laughter. I looked to my right and saw harry and zayn giving me a creepy stalker look it was starting to freak me out. So i decieded to go up to them. I was just about to ask them how they knew i was gonna come here when zayn said something. 
 " i know you thats how we knew" i was then ask how he knew i was gonna say that. yet once again he answers my questioned.
 "i told you i know you." and with that he walked to the kitchen. i.followed trying to prove him wrong. i walked in as quiet as poissble but he still knew i was there.
  "if you know me so well name 5 facts about me that arwnt obvious to people who first meet me!" i said giving him an attitude.
 "1.when you have a bad dream your nose scrunches up and u cuddle up against to the closest thing next you.2. You hate odd numbers unless they end in a five. 3. When need to blow off emotion you draw and you keep the notepad in the back of your closet on the top shelf 4. You always need to paint your nails becuase to you they are naked without it 5. You hate your legs and nose but to me there perfect." Zayn answered looking me in the eye. how did he even know the last part not even brittanys knows that.
  "i can tell by the way u look at your self in the mirror. your eyes dont sparkle as much as they usually do and your smile is gone.". zayn said like he was reading my mind.
  " you know what sucks?" i said to  zayn
  "what?" he asked
   "this was a really cute moment but all i can think about is the fact that while u were getting to know me, you were getting to know another girl to........... because the first one wasnt good enough." i whispered the last part with a tear falling down my eyes. i quickly got up and walked out.

 zayn pov
i watched her walk out with tears in her eyes. harry was right. she does think she isnt good enough. but to me she the world. shes my world. i broke it off with perry yesterday. that why when she came back with harry i was so welcoming and so jealous
      Rana POV:
 As i walked into the living room again i found harry gone. i looked around searching for him when someone hands wrapped around my hips. i turn up to his a bundle of curls on my face and green emerald eyes smiling at me. i smiled and put my head down and let go if harry and walked back to livingroom with the rest of the guys.
(oh if your wondering if brittany knows about what happened she does.)

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