The Last Time

Ever had that feeling you weren't good enough? Welcome to the life of 16 year old, Brynn Kenney, a suicidal teen without anybody. After moving to schools 6 times, having no real friends, and not making a good first impression, Brynn turns to drugs and cutting for comfort. See what this girl does next.


11. You're the only reason

Brynns P.O.V

It was Friday and I did not want to go to school. I was planning on staying home when I got a text from Harry that said, "Make sure to see me before school, I have a surprise for you!" After that I knew I had to go and see what it was! I got out of bed and went to go pick out an outfit. I decided on one of my favorite shirts and my new shorts. I went downstairs to find no one home. Not even my brother who was my ride to school. I called Amanda and asked if she could come pick me up. She said yeah which I was thankful for! A couple minutes later I heard Amanda and Liam pull in the driveway and honk. I left and went and got in the car!

"Hey girl! You look hot!"

"Thanks, I actually wasn't going to show up but Harry said he had a surprise for me?"

"Yeah, he does! Trust me, you'll like it!"

"Okay! Well thanks for the ride Liam!"

"No problem!" We got to school just a few minutes later. I walked over to Harrys car to find him standing there waiting for me. 


"Hey! So tonight I'm having a party for you at my house! A little welcome to  town party, so you can meet new people! And your birthday is Monday so it's also a birthday party!"

"Harry you don't have to give me a  birthday party!"

"Don't worry, I want to! I only invited like 100 people. I'll pick you up at 8 alright?" 

"Yeah, that sounds good! What should I wear?"

"Whatever you want! I just want you to show up!"

"Alright, I gotta get to class. See you later!" I was actually really excited for tonight. I haven't had a birthday party since I was 10, so I couldn't wait! All of my classes throughout the day seemed to drag on forever and ever. Finally after what seemed like days the final bell rang. I went to my locker grabbed my stuff, and said by to Harry! I went home and took a long bath and relaxed before it was time to get ready. I must have tried on 10 different outfits finally narrowing it down to 2! I yelled for my brother to come in and help me decide. we finally decided on purple and blue tye dye short shorts, a black half shirt, and black shoes!  I went downstairs and saw Harry sitting on the couch with my brother and mom. I could tell he was uncomfortable so I grabbed his hand, said bye to my mom and left. When we got in the car Harry pulled out a box. I opened it and found the most beautiful necklace ever!

"Oh my gosh, I love it! Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome! I chose the anchor because of the tattoo I know you want!"

"Awh thats so sweet! Well I love it!" I grabbed his neck and started to pull him closer, but he said he had to drive. A few minutes later we arrived at the party. I could already tell it was going to be an amazing party! We walked in the house hand in hand and everyone yelled as we walked through the door. 

"Hey birthday girl!" I saw Niall and some blonde dancing on the dance floor. 


"Alright lets get you a drink!" I took Harrys hand and followed him to the kitchen, the music flowing through my body. "What would you like? Liams the best at making drinks so he'll make it!" Harry winked at me and yelled for Liam. 

"Can I get a sex on the beach please, and a shot of something strong?"

"Of course!" Liam started making my drink and Harry and I started dancing. I grabbed his neck and pulled his face closer to mine. Our lips smashed against eachother, as he glided his tounge against my lips  asking for entrance Liam interrupted. "Your drink is done birthday girl!" 

"Thanks Liam!" I grabbed the drink and took the shot. I turned to Harry, grabbed his hand and pulled him out to the dance floor. We danced there for a few minutes, grinding our bodies against each others. I finished my drink and went to get another one. I ended up taking 5 or 6 shots with the boys. By that time I was feeling drunk. Harry grabbed my hand and led me to his room. We made out for a few minutes, and then he started to take off my shirt, playing with my breasts. He kissed all the way down to my stomach, and started to take my pants off. I stopped him, and asked if he had a condom. He said yes, and I let him take them off. Moans escaped my mouth as he started to put it in.

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