The Last Time

Ever had that feeling you weren't good enough? Welcome to the life of 16 year old, Brynn Kenney, a suicidal teen without anybody. After moving to schools 6 times, having no real friends, and not making a good first impression, Brynn turns to drugs and cutting for comfort. See what this girl does next.


3. Who is this boy?

Brynns P.O.V.

Was this amazingly hot guy seriously talking to me? Let alone walking with me, in public? Holy shit, I have to be dreaming.  I can't imagine he didn't notice my legs, or my wrists. He had to have! They're huge and obvious! Everyone I walk by notices them! Or maybe he just doesn't care. I didn't know what it was, but at that moment I felt amazing. Harry and I walked down the hall, looking for my locker. As I looked around I noticed everyone was staring at us. I think Harry noticed too, because he stopped talking for a few seconds. Finally, we got to my locker, after what seemed like a mile long walk. Harry was so sweet though. I didn't want to go to first period. I wanted to stay and talk forever.

Harrys P.O.V.

I wonder why she does that stuff to herself? Self harm means something bad. I wanted to ask her, but I don't want her not to talk to me. That short walk with Brynn was the best walk I've ever been on. She is definitely the most beautiful girl in this school. Without a doubt the most beautiful girl  I've ever seen. Man, I can't wait to tell the boys about her! Oh shit. The boys. What if one of them sees her and tries to talk  to her? What if she starts to like one of them? No. I won't let that happen. Wait, what am I saying? I just met the girl.  I don't know anything about her. Wow. I need to go find Amanda and tell her to have Brynn sit with us at lunch. Then the boys will see how much I like her and they won't even try to take her. Alright, I got this.

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