The Last Time

Ever had that feeling you weren't good enough? Welcome to the life of 16 year old, Brynn Kenney, a suicidal teen without anybody. After moving to schools 6 times, having no real friends, and not making a good first impression, Brynn turns to drugs and cutting for comfort. See what this girl does next.


2. Welcome to hell

Walking up to the front doors of my new school seemed like it was the longest walk of my life. Everyone was staring at me probably wondering, "Oh my god, who is the new girl?" or "Why does she have cuts all up her wrists and thighs?" This is what happened at every other old school. I was different. I suffered from depression, and always got made fun of for it. Like that was going to help me stop.

 One person caught my attention. He was wearing a pair of khakis, a blue shirt, and a pair of old converse. He had the cutest curls in the entire world. I could tell he was different from the first time I looked into his beautiful green eyes. He didn't look at my wrists or thighs, he looked at my face. I could tell I was starting to blush, so I looked away.I was  finally up the steps, when I was stopped by some girl with bright blonde hair. "Hey, I'm Amanda Styles! Are you Brynn?" "Uh yeah. How do you know me?" I asked. "Oh well, our lockers are next to eachother and we're in the same first hour, so the principal thought it would be nice if we got to know one another! Ya know, so you could have a friend and get to know your way around?" "Oh yeah, well thanks, but do you happen to know that guy over there?" I asked pointing at the cute guy from earlier. She turned to see who I was talking about. "Oh him? That's Harry Styles. The most popular guy in school. He's also my brother. Why'd you wanna know? "He was staring at me today when I was walking up, but not like bad staring, good staring, and I didn't know who he was so I thought I might be able to talk to him sometime today or tomorrow or whenever! But if you don't want me to I won't because he's your brother and he looks a lot older.." I went to go on but Amanda stopped me. "Girl, if you wanna talk to my brother go ahead! I'll call him over here," she turned to call to her brother.

"Hey, I'm Harry, and you are, other than beautiful?" he said with a wink. "Uh hey. I'm Brynn. Brynn Kenney,"I said with a blush. "Well hello Miss. Kenney. How bout' I was you to find your locker?" "Sounds good," I said, and off we went.

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