The Last Time

Ever had that feeling you weren't good enough? Welcome to the life of 16 year old, Brynn Kenney, a suicidal teen without anybody. After moving to schools 6 times, having no real friends, and not making a good first impression, Brynn turns to drugs and cutting for comfort. See what this girl does next.


7. Harry

Harrys P.O.V. 

All I could think about was how beautiful Brynn was. We talked for so long, and I couldn't believe how close we were getting after only a day! She told me all about her life, how she got bullied, and about how her parents didn't want her and her brother. I felt horrible about all of the things people did to her. As she was telling me stories of her being bullied at her old schools, it made me so pissed off! How could people do that to her I thought! A couple minutes after I got off the phone with Brynn, Niall called me. "Hey man! What's with that Brynn chick, she emo or something? She's pretty hot though." "She isn't emo, she just has a lot of depression issues. But yeah, she is beautiful," I replied. "I think I'm gonna ask her to go for a drive or something, if you know what I mean," Niall sarcastically replied. This comment made me mad, "No you're not, she's been hurt a lot of times before and I don't want someone to use her just for sex." "Alright, I won't but you better be tapping that sometime soon." All I could was laugh. I didn't want to ask her out just for sex, I genuinely liked her. Unlike Niall who just wanted someone new to play with. I hung up the phone and layed down in bed. I couldn't wait to see Brynn tomorrow~  

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