The Last Time

Ever had that feeling you weren't good enough? Welcome to the life of 16 year old, Brynn Kenney, a suicidal teen without anybody. After moving to schools 6 times, having no real friends, and not making a good first impression, Brynn turns to drugs and cutting for comfort. See what this girl does next.


1. A new place

I woke up in a sudden panic. Today was the day. The day I've been dreading since last month. I was starting a new school, in a new town and state. Not really what I wanted to be doing halfway through my sophmore year. Realzing what time it was I got out of bed, took a shower, and picked out my outfit. Feeling somewhat confident I put on a pair of pink booty shorts, a teal bandeau, a white see-through tanktop, and teal and pink VANS. I straightened my long red hair, and applyed some makeup. Looking in the mirror before going downstairs, made me regret my outfit choice, but like I said I was feeling confident!

I walked down the long staircase into the living room. My mom, Heather, was sitting on the couch reading. "Oh look who finally came downstairs, and looking like a slut," she said as I walked past. All I did was roll my eyes and walked into the kitchen for breakfast. My older brother, Cody, was sitting at the table eating some toast. "Ready to kick some ass at our new school?" he asked. All I could do was laugh. I hated moving schools, but my mom and dad didn't care about my feelings. All they wanted to do was explore the world, which is stupid, because they move us to the most boring places. I yelled bye to my mom and dad, grabbed my bag and went to get in my brothers car. "Here goes nothing," I thought to myself.

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