Our Summer

This is a story inspired by Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where five very different but close friends go their different ways. This story is about a group of friends who each go off and fall in love with a guy from One Direction. They each learn a lesson over the summer. Find out what happens in Our Summer!


1. What You Need To Know

This is a story about five friends who have grown up with each other since birth. There is Jada the sporty popular one, Roxy the rebel, Lilly the actress, Callie the wallflower, and Juliette the sweet girl.


They are all different in many ways from their looks down to their personality but they are best friends. Then the summer before their junior year came where they will all leave one another for the summer.


The thing is. They all meet a guy from One Direction in the place they go to. Maybe they aren't so different after all... 

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