Our Summer

This is a story inspired by Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where five very different but close friends go their different ways. This story is about a group of friends who each go off and fall in love with a guy from One Direction. They each learn a lesson over the summer. Find out what happens in Our Summer!


2. Roxy

The summer was already starting off bad as I watched Lilly pack her bags. The group gathered in her room laughing and walking about where they were going. I let out a long sigh. Juliette was off to Oklahoma to see her grandparents with her sisters and brother, Jada was going to Pairs, Lilly was going to acting camp, and Callie was running a camp like she did every summer before that. I on the other hand, was going on a road trip to see different bands in concert. I was kind of a groupie.


I was going with my older sister, Anne. She was a trip herself. I loved her though for taking me along so I didn't have to drown in this place alone. This stupid little boring town. I hated it here but these girls, my friends, made it worth it.


"Roxy!" Lilly screamed jumping on the bed.


I pushed her off and laughed along with her. Lilly and I were close, not saying I'm not close to anyone else but Lilly and I were on the same crazy train.


"I can't believe you guys are leaving. When do you take off Juliette?" I asked watching her.


Juliette was shy but not as shy as Callie. Juliette wasn't much of a talker either. She usually expressed her feelings through writing or when she was around her sister, Valerie. Valerie had cancer and Juliette wasn't the same since. It made me kind of sad but I could see where she was coming from.


"Tonight actually. Jada and Callie are seeing me off if you want to come. Lilly can't because she has to get up so early but you are welcome."


I nodded a little chewing on the thought. I didn't respond to her but I knew she knew I would come. That's the kind of relationship we had with each other. I didn't say anything else and neither did all the other girls. We sat there watching as Lilly packed the last of her things. Our first summer without each other. Wow.


I wasn't someone who liked to talk about how I felt. I was the tough one in the group. I got into trouble a lot and I have had more experience then all of them combined. That was just me. I use what I had to get what I wanted from people, mostly guys. Callie had once said it was because of my emotional issues but I didn't really listen. I didn't care.


I let out another long sigh as I turned over and stared at the ceiling. Summer. Here I come.

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