Our Summer

This is a story inspired by Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where five very different but close friends go their different ways. This story is about a group of friends who each go off and fall in love with a guy from One Direction. They each learn a lesson over the summer. Find out what happens in Our Summer!


4. Lilly

Lilly's P.O.V.

"Lilly Thomas?" Mrs. Bates called.


It was the first day of camp. Yeah, I know, camp when your sixteen?
Well this camp was different. It was a camp all about acting, singing,
dancing, performing your dreams and I was selected to come. It was
hard to get into this camp but the directed had personally come to my
performance at my school play and fallen in love with my acting
skills. Now here I am.


"Here!" I called out.

Mrs. Bates gave me a slight smile then said, "Your bunk mate will be
Miss Amy Lynn Williams. Your cabin is called Mel-Rose. Enjoy." She
handed me a key to the cabin then called the next person up.
Amy stood at the flag pole with her long red hair dangling by her
hips. She wore short shorts that were white and a tank top that was
the British flag. She gave me a friendly look. She took my hand in her
and let out a giggle.


"Howdy! I'm Amy Lynn!" Her very country accent came out. I questioned
the British flag on her tank top.


"Uh. I'm Lilly. I guess we are roomies for the summer." I said.
She let out a scream and grabbed my arm, "I'm so excited for this! I'm
an only child so it's like we are going to be sisters! Oh I can't
wait! By the end of the summer, we will be like sharing clothes and
finishing each other sentences! Oh goodie!"


I tried my best to smile and act excited but I was very creeped out by
her actions. In my group of friends, I was one of the talkative ones
unlike Juliette and Callie. Roxy and I were the loudest and the ones
full of energy but this girl was like Roxy and I combined plus 25%


She grabbed my hand then we started walking towards the cabin. She
talked the whole way there but I wasn't really listening. I couldn't
believe I was here. Everything seemed too perfect about this place
besides Amy Lynn, she was something else but even a crazy roommate
couldn't even bring me down.


"Lilly?" Amy said snapping me back into reality.

"Yeah?" I said.

"Look!" She pointed across the cabins where he stood. He wore a normal
white shirt with suspenders and a pair of red pants. His hair was done
nicely and his smile matched it. A group of girls surrounded him.
That's when it hit me. That is Louis from One Direction.


"What is he doing here?" I asked Amy.

I wasn't a big fan of One Direction. Yeah, they dressed pretty awesome
and had cool accents but they were still guys and guys acted pretty
stupid. Plus there songs made no sense to me besides one. I listened
to it almost every night after my break up with the star quarter back,
Dallas Smith. Once I got over the break up, I got over them. But my
youngest sister, Rose, was in love with them.


"A lot of famous people here are the teachers. Louis is teaching
singing and dancing. Do you have any if his classes?"


I looked at her then took out of my class schedule, "Ehh. I have
Acting 101 with Amanda Seyfried, Theater Art with Mrs. Bates,
Learning the Skills of Direction with Peter Jackson, and last is
Singing: The Basics with Louis..." I trailed off.


Amy stared at me, "What's wrong? It looks like you have seen a ghost
or something."


I shook my head, "I don't sing! I am tone deaf! I can't sing!"

Amy looked at me and patted my shoulder, "Didn't they tell you that
you have to take at least one singing or dancing class?"


"Then I need to switch to dancing because at least I semi know what
I'm doing there!"


"Okay, let's head back to the office then. I'm sure they will switch ya!"

I nodded, "Hey, Amy, what are your classes?"

Amy gave me a smile, "We have the direction class together and the
rest of my classes are for singing and dancing besides the one acting
class I had to take. I'm a horrible actress."


I laughed a little then looked at Louis one last time. His eyes eat
mine for a brief second but I broke the connection. I turned around
and marched to the office ready to fight for a dancing class. There
was no way I was singing.

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