Our Summer

This is a story inspired by Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where five very different but close friends go their different ways. This story is about a group of friends who each go off and fall in love with a guy from One Direction. They each learn a lesson over the summer. Find out what happens in Our Summer!


3. Juliette

Juliette's P.O.V.

I was going to my grandparents farm in a very small town in Oklahoma
for the summer with my sister Valerie, Veronica, and my twin brother
Joseph. Valerie and Veronica were twins as well but they were ten
while Joseph and I were sixteen. Valerie and I were very close. Every
since she was born, we have had a bond like no other. It got stronger
when she was diagnosed with leukemia. That's why we were going to
Oklahoma for the summer instead of staying in Pennsylvania.
My sister had made her wish which was to meet Niall Horan, the guy
from One Direction, in Oklahoma with our grandparents while my parents
took a well needed vacation. My sister was a huge fan of Niall and
couldn't wait to meet him. I wanted to make all her wishes come true
so if that meant leaving my friends, who were going to be gone anyway
for the summer, then I would do it.



Valerie and Veronica were sitting in the hospital room where Valerie
was transported. Valerie just had surgery and she needed to be watched
over in the hospital for a couple of days and of course today was the
day she was going to meet Niall.
"Juliette!" She wailed as I painted the last of her finger nails a
bright pink color.
I smiled at my sister. Her hair was gone now. All that was on her head
was a light peach fuzz. Her dark eyes stared at me. She use to have
these lovely light brown eyes, the kind of brown I have always wanted
being the only blue eyed child in the family. But during treatments
and surgeries, they have gotten darker over time. Now a days, it's
hard to believe she had those eyes. I knew once she got better, that
they would come back again and that truly meant everything would be



Valerie licked her small lips then said, "What if he doesn't like me?"
I looked at her for a long time. I kissed the top of her head. Valerie
meant the world to me. She had this thing about her. She was so
special, anyone could fall in love with her.
"Valerie, he's going to like you. That's why he's coming." I said. I
polished off her nails then gave her a famous smile. She lifted her
small hand up and ran her fingers through my ear length short blonde
hair. I shaved my head about three years ago when Valerie went through
chemotherapy. Valerie was so thicker off that I did it that she would
speak to me until I promised I would grow it back.
It took it a long to do so. Even Valerie's started growing back but
she shaved it again before another round of chemo. It made me so
sad inside she wouldn't let me help her through it by shaving mine.
Veronica jumped onto the bed with Valerie. Her long black hair dangled
down her back and her dark brown eyes watched Valerie closely.
Veronica was completely different from Val. She was lifeless. She
didn't talk a lot. She had poor connections and relationships with
everyone. She also hated being here more than anything on the world.



"Miss Shores? Juliette Shores?" A nurse asked popping her bright red
head in the door.



I looked at the nurse then back at Valerie. I kissed her forehead then
patted Veronica on the head. I walked out if the room where the nurse
stood with my brother. Joseph shuffled his feet without looking up at
me. His dark black hair was drenched in his sweat from running. Joseph
worked out a lot. You could tell by his muscly arms and his worked out
calf muscles. He use to be a skinny, nerdy looking kid but one day he
just woke up and changed. The one thing that didn't change was his shy
personality. Any girl would fall for my brother, even my friends, but
he just had a lot of trouble talking to girls.



"Hey Joseph." I said in almost a whisper. He nodded his head as if
saying back. I looked at the nurse. She gave me a big southern smile.



"Niall and his sister Hope is here to meet Valerie." She clapped her
hands together and giggle. I looked down the hall to see him.
Holly had long blonde hair down her back, the same color as his. I
knew his hair wasn't natural so my guess was she got hers down too to
match his. They both wore somewhat matching outfits which made me
wonder if they were twins or something or maybe just close.



I could remember the days when Joseph and I wore matching outfits. It
was even cuter when my mom dressed Valerie and Veronica the same way.
They were identical and it was hard to tell them apart while Joe and I
weren't. He hard the black hair like Veronica and like Valerie once
upon time while I had blonde hair that I got from my dads side of the
family. They all had these big brown eyes while I had a dark, stormy
blue almost grey color. They all had these natural tans to them but I
had the palest skin in the world no matter how much I tried to tan. I
looked very different from them and my mom but if you out my dad and
me next to each other, you could tell I was his daughter.



"Niall this is Joseph and Juliette Shores. These are Valerie's
siblings. There grandparents aren't here ate the moment but they are
okay with them staying in while you meet Valerie." The nurse said with
a smile plastered on her face.



Niall shook my hand first then shook Josephs. Holly did the same
thing. She smiled at me. She looked exactly like her brother. The same
darling smile, braces on her teeth, pale skin. She was very pretty.



"It's so nice to meet you!" Holly laughed. Her slight Irish accent
flowed out but if I didn't know she was Irish to began with, I would
have never none she was.



"Thank you guys for coming out here to meet Valerie." I said smiling.
Niall swung his guitar around him and strum it a little. He hummed
along to the tune of the guitar then asked, "What's Valerie's favorite



"Little Things." I said.


He nodded. He warm up the guitar then walked into the room. Holly was
at his heels and I wasn't far behind. I looked back to see Joe waiting
for everyone to get into the room before he attempted to walk him. I
wish he was more excited about this. I wish he was excited for


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