Our Summer

This is a story inspired by Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where five very different but close friends go their different ways. This story is about a group of friends who each go off and fall in love with a guy from One Direction. They each learn a lesson over the summer. Find out what happens in Our Summer!


6. Jada

Jada's P.O.V.

The plane ride was awful. I couldn't get comfortable in my seat. I was
the type of person who couldn't stand sitting for long periods of time
and when your going to Pairs, it's an awful feeling. All I wanted to
do was move which drove Spencer, my French partner, crazy.
But when we pulled out of the air port, it was like magic. The world
was at my finger tips now. A whole summer in Pairs with my French
class! It was crazy to think until we got on the bus that drove us to
the hotel we were staying in.


This was the only, reason why I was taking French. I have spent the
past two years of high school with my crazy French teacher just for
this trip. It was worth it to me, not my friends though. Roxy couldn't
stand the teacher, Lilly was too busy to fit this into her schedule,
Callie wanted to take Spanish, and Juliette couldn't afforded to come.
I wouldn't expect her to come anyway with her sister being so sick.
I rested my head on Spencer's shoulder and closed my eyes. In the
group, Juliette and I were the closest while Lilly and Roxy were super
close then there was Callie. She was very close to Juliette but not
me. We were best friends, don't get me wrong, but she seemed to trust
Juliette more.


I already missed my friends badly. It would have been so amazing if
they could have come on this trip with me. Roaming around Pairs. The
boys, the food, the culture. My body was just tingling thinking about
it all. I was dying inside to get out of this bus and get out into the


I opened my eyes as the bus eased. I was the first one off the bus. I
looked up at the hotel in awh. It was so beautiful and so close to the
bust streets and town of Pairs! The cool night air brushed my skin
sending goose pimples throughout my body. Spencer's arms wrapped
around my body and we both looked up.


"Gather around everyone!" Madam Seeing called.
Spencer and I hobbled over to the rest of the class which was about
sixteen kids, including us. It was the smallest group of kids going on
the trip in years. Like I said, no one liked the teacher. She was
crazier than a bat in someone's closet with the lights on. After this
trip, I was dropping French like a bad habit along with the rest of
the class besides three people who were the Madams little pets. I
rolled my eyes in annoyance. I was far from the teachers pet.
"Let's get some good sleep tonight everyone. We have a big day in the
morning. We will be paring up in groups of four, four to each group,
and we will be sight seeing. Here are your groups: Haley, Jonas,
Kenzie, and Alex. Spencer, Jada, Lake, and Katherine. Amanda, Melissa,
Conner, and Samantha. Kayla, Travis, Claire, and Jackson."


We gathered in our groups then walked into the hotel. Katherine and I
set up in our room while Spencer and Lake did the same. I jumped onto
the white sheet and let out a small scream. I didn't lay there long. I
jumped up and ran out in the balcony. I jumped up and down. I held my
hands up and started dancing. I couldn't explain how happy I was to be
here. No would understand this feeling of pure excitement.


"Katherine! Come on! Lets go out!" I said entering the room again.

"Call me Katie and no way! I'm not getting in trouble on the first
night we get here. You're on your own this time Jada." She said
falling on the bed and hitting her light.


I shrugged then jumped to the bathroom. I have my hair a light curl
then put on a dress. I jogged out of the room then down the stairs of
the hotel so Madam couldn't see me. Once I was outside, I let out a
scream of excitement. I was free. I pulled out my phone when it
buzzed. It was a text from spencer.


SPENCER: Where r u?
ME: Outside. Wanna go clubbing?
SPENCER: B down in a sec.
ME: Kay


I waited for Spencer. He came down wearing a nice shirt and pants. He
gave me a last smile then we were off. Pairs was full of life at
night. The lights were own, the people were out and most of all, I was
here. It's like part of me awoke the more I walked around.
Spencer and I walked into a bouncing club. The music was turned up
high and the place was full of dancing bodies. I couldn't help myself.
I jumped out thinking Spencer was behind me and started dancing with
the sea of people.


I was a pretty good dancer along with you know, being really pretty.
Guys tended to be attracted to me along with Lilly. Guys tended to go
after Roxy once they got to know her attitude but none ever went after
Callie or Juliette even though they were really pretty.


I thought I was dancing with Spencer the whole time but when I turned
around I saw this other guy. His skin was dark along with his big
eyes. His hair was brown with a mix of blonde reminding me of Lilly's
hair. He had this big smile on his face. I smiled back and started
dancing again.


We danced together for awhile until some girls started screaming in
French at him. I couldn't understand what they were saying, not
because I didn't know the language but because they were talking so
fast. The guy grabbed my arm and dragged me through the crowed with
them close on my heels.


We made it out of the back without the girls following us. We stood
there a moment harshly breathing. When I caught my breath I looked up
at him, "Please don't kill me." I whispered.


The guy started laughing then stood up, "You have no idea who I am, do you?"
I shook my head still bent over. I looked up at him. I realized that
he didn't have a French accent or anything; it was British.


"My name is Zayn Malik." He said proudly

"Well I'm Jada Nelson, what's it to ya?" I said finally being able to stand up.

He laughed and smiled at me, "A girl who doesn't know who I am? What a
great start off in Pairs."

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