Our Summer

This is a story inspired by Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where five very different but close friends go their different ways. This story is about a group of friends who each go off and fall in love with a guy from One Direction. They each learn a lesson over the summer. Find out what happens in Our Summer!


5. Callie

Callie's P.O.V.


My ears were ringing from the sounds of the kids screaming and
yelling. It was the first day of summer and while all my friends were
out doing something cool like going to Oklahoma or being in conclusive
camp or a road trip and the best of all, going on a class trip to
Paris and what was I doing? Being a camp counselor for ten year olds.
Why me?


Well because it would look good on my early college application to
Stanford. I wanted to become a doctor and my father went there as
well. I have been doing selfless acts like this since the day I was
born. Working in nursing homes to cleaning up trash in the side of the
road along with church mission trips and helping the unfortunate. Plus
being a camp consular without pay. It was the highlight of my summer.
I would be what you call a goodie two shoes. You know. The girl who
did everything right and the teachers love. The girl who had the best
grades, the best clothes, and even the best house in the whole town.
The girl who's dad was a major doctor and who's mom was one of the
best lawyers in the whole state. The only child who got everything she
wanted like the new iPhone, the newest cars, and the best clothes. I
was that girl. The girl everyone was really nice to be really hated.
Besides my friends. They loved me for me. Not the girl my parents
wanted me to be.


I use to love working here until my parents made it a priority rather
then something fun to do in the summer. I think that's honestly missed
most in my life. The fun. I miss doing stuff without there a reason to
do it like running around in your backyard chasing your friends or the
butterflies. I missed that so much. Now, everything was planned out
accordingly down to what I wear everyday to what food I eat. I hated
being so organized. I just wanted to be impulsive for once.
Connie, the head of the camp, stood up. She gave out the basic rules
to the newbies then announced all the consolers starting with Henry
Donnelly down to me, Callie Winters.


"Now, everybody, I have a special announcement!" Connie giggled.
Well this was new. Connie was the type of person who liked to keep
things the same each year. She hated new things. She was the type of
person who loved to live in the past rather then change and go into
the future. A lot of people made fun of her because of it but I could
understand where she was coming from.


I looked up at her as she said, "The camp was having a lot of trouble
with funding." She paused as the campers rose in sighs then she went
on, "I made a call to my nephew and with his help, he donated a lot of
money to the camp. In a way to reward him, I invited him to the camp
this summer to help with activities and he said yes. So please, give a
warm welcome to my nephew, Harry Styles!"


Charlotte Jonas, another camp consular, let out a scream as Harry got
onto the stage. His hair was wide and free in a mass of curls. I liked
his curls. I wished I could have curls like that. I touched my
lifeless dull brown hair. It hand loosely on my shoulders in a
Plain-Jane kind of way.


I was the Plain-Jane in my group of friends even though Juliette swore
she was the dullest looking one. Juliette had this thing about her.
She was pretty but a different kind of pretty. The kind that girls
tried to have but couldn't pull it off. That was Juliette. Roxy was a
full on mess of a girl. She was perfect height for a girl, thin but
curvy with multi-colored hair and dressed to impress. Lilly was short
but full of life. She had untouchable curves and dressed her body
well. She had light brown hair with two bold blonde highlights. Then
there was Jada. She was tall, super thin, and this amazing blonde hair
that went down her back. She was athletic, popular, and every guy
wanted her. I have always been jealous of my friends. I was dull. I
was boring. I was forgettable.


"Hey guys! I'm Harry!" His British voice snapped me out of my train of
thought. His dimples were poking out making a little small cross my


All the girl campers were dying on the floor while the guys were
trying to act cool but we all new they were excited cause someone
famous was here. I let out a laugh that seems to catch Harry's
attention. He winked at me and I blushed. I looked away from him.
He talked about what the camp meant to him when he was a young lad
then finished with how excited he was to be here with the new campers.
He finished then let Connie back on.


"Any questions?" She asked.

A little girl with strawberry blonde hair raised her hand, "Miss
Connie. If he's your nephew then why aren't you British? And how come
he came to camp in Pennsylvania when he was a kid if he lived across
the ocean?"


Connie started laughing, "That's another story for another time
Carolyn. Lets break up for groups and cabins."


We broke down where I got my group of girls. I was in charge of six
girls: Eden, Bella, Meagan, Morgan, Izzy, and Carolyn, the little
strawberry blonde girl. I was pretty happy with my group.
The girls were between the ages of seven and ten with Bella being the
oldest and Carolyn being the youngest. They were all giggling and
laughing about Harry Styles being here and I couldn't help but laugh.
It was so cute to see girls like this. It made me think back to my
childhood days with my best friends. Eden was exactly like Jada making
me miss her a lot more.


"Hello ladies!" A voice said behind me. I turned around to see Harry
standing there. His dimples were out and I could tell the girls were
dying because of how "cute" he was.


"Well hello to you!" Eden giggled.

I couldn't help but laugh along with the girls. They crowed around
Harry asking him questions about his band and if they could touch his
hair. I smiled at them. Once the first break was over the girls and
boys combined and listened to more of Connie. Harry stood at my side.


"Hi. What's your name?" He asked shyly.

I didn't look at him when I said, "Callie Winters."

I could hear him chuckle. I looked at him when he finally said, "It's
nice to meet you Callie."


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