One Direction: Second Sight

Find out what happens when you mix terrorists, One Direction, a Horan family reunion , a suicidal young man and mysterious lights around the world. It's a spooky thrill ride. Featuring Louis and Liam plus an original charcter ( don't worry, Zayn, Harry and Niall are there too, plus Simon Cowell). Rated a strong PG 13 for language, violence and limited sexual situations. Not slash per say but strongly bromantic.


4. Ready to Go

Chapter Four




"Will you get your flaming knees out of my flaming back, you flaming flamer , " isn't a phrase you hear often from our Liam Payne, but it certainly suits the occassion , considering Niall Horan has him pinned by the shoulders, Harry by the legs and I'm perched on his back while Zayn Malik is steadily videoing the whole shebang. I'm privately amazed the limo driver hasn't shaken the car even one time. You never know just how good these American drivers are going to be after all. " Say it Daddy, say it" I command as Niall pulls hard on Liams' thrashing legs. Ah, sometimes I love being bad!

"Never!" croaks the trapped man from Wolverhampton. Quite loudly for someone who's face is currently being pushed inot the floor.

" You're not going anawhere 'til you do boyo, " Niall tells him as he leans over harder onto Liam , his fair face is starting to sweat slightly and for good reason. Liam may not be the biggest guy I know , but he's stout and determined not to give in easily."Akk, leave my goolies outta this, " Horan protests , half laughing as Liam tries unsuccessfully to yank his left leg free, hitting the bleached blond Irishman in the crotch with his size eight.

" I'm going to get SO many hundred of thousands of new Twitter follers after I post this!" Zayn cackles gleefully as he pivots for a better view. " I may at least catch up to Louis and You in followers!" We have a small scale ongoing rivalry over of Twitter followers. Poor Zayn usually has the fewest and this stunt was partially his way of boosting himself up. Of course, me and Liam have less than Niall and way less than Harry. Twelve million plus followers of that curly haired twit! Suddely, Zayn squawks as Liam manages to get a arm loose enough to grab his ankle and twist it! " Ahh, leave off Liam!" He jumps back hard in the cramped limo, colliding with Cuddles, his own personal bodyguard, who merely sits there laughing like a hundred and twenty kilo African Father Christmas.

Harry finally manages to secure Liams arms once more as I I begin to tickle my brown haired band mate. Liam purely hates being tickled and unfortunately for him , his girlfriend Danielle let the cat out of the bag there. " Come on Payne, say it loud and proud, I want to sing a duet with Selena Gomez for Disney! Admit it! Whoulf, ' goes the hairy Harry as Liam twist and Harry and I both go tumbling off!

" I will if Niall admits he's jealous of that little Ross Lynch, " Liam declares as he quickly snaps a headlock on Niall, who is still pulling valiantly on Liams left leg. " Give over Nialler or get aNiallated!" I don't know which causes Niall the most pain, the headlock or the horrid pun. Our Liam freely admits to being a bit of a nerd. Niall gives in, slapping the blue carpeted floor , blood red in the face.

" I love Austin Moon! He's the greatest!" Words you never think you'll hear from a grown man, i could laugh my assets off and do.

We haven't had much of a chance to do this sort of horseplay for a while. We've been on a sort of "microtour" of the US southeast for Sony and crosspromoting with DIsney. It's been a hectic week with the European leg of our tour about to be starting. We barely had time to even tour Disneyworld, much less get any relaxing done. Even Simon was only able to squeeze a few hours in with us. And now we're headed to Ireland for two days with Niall's family. Oh, some of our own families will be there too. They all got invited. Hrry's mom, Liam's sisters and my mom will be there. Zayns folks couldn't make it but gave him their blessings to go. Good thing. Zayns has deaths in the family since we started One Direction less than three years ago and maybe this will cheer him up. If Niall's family is as...entertainingly zany as him, it'll be impossible to be in a bad mood for long.

My own mood swings seem to be under control for the moment. Oddly enough, the more these weird flashes of light appear, the more level headed I seem to get. Niall is the opposite; he cringes whenever he sees them and Zayn is even worse. He's just a tiny bit superstitious and they, to use his own eloquent phrase, " creep the creep out of me". A regulaer Shakespeare is our Malik.

And our skeptic, Liam believes, " It's either a perfrectly natural phenomenon of some sort or it's aliens. Either way, we can't do anything about it. Unless it's the effect of mankind on the enviroment, ." he had declared in a royals sort of tone. Which was what got Niall to shove him into the floor and got our little Royal Rumble started.

We finally make it to the airport and a tortous hour later, we're getting reaady to board Are Lingus to Dublin I crash into the first available chair, my hoodie pulled over my face. THe last thing any of us wants is to get a scene started in an airport. THere's nowhere to run there. Bored, I look around to check out my fellow travelers. I can't help but notice one middle aged man .

He's got on a half dozen shades of green, for pity's sakes. He has a guy maybe a year or two younger than me walking next to him. He seems highly agitated about something. He's a tallish fellow, at least 180 centimeters with hiar as black as Zayns and very tan. Muscular build and he'd be handsome if he didn't seem to have only two facial expressions, scowling and sad. I notice how he seems to be ready to throw his phone in frustration . And I'd swear he was on the verge of crying out of frustration. He seems definitely stressed. I nearly jump out of my seat when I hear a familiar brougue whisper in my ear from behind me.

" He's either color blind or it's 'is first time going to Ireland, " Niall tells me in a cheery tone. " You gotta love the Yanks who go there, lookin' to reconnect with "the auld sod" and all that rubbish. All he's missing is a damn shillelagh and a big green derby, " he adds in amused contempt. And that mean lookin shite beside him has just got to be his kid, they look too much alike for him not ta be. Boy looks mad at the world." He plops into the chair beside me. Like I am, Niall's wearing a grey hoodie, although he's got sunglasses on as well.

We sit there and make idle chatter until we hear the boarding call. Then the five of us and our five security people , ( Bruiser, Cuddles, Gruesome, Smiley and Wilberforce) board the plane for what turns our to be the most important flight of our lives.









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