One Direction: Second Sight

Find out what happens when you mix terrorists, One Direction, a Horan family reunion , a suicidal young man and mysterious lights around the world. It's a spooky thrill ride. Featuring Louis and Liam plus an original charcter ( don't worry, Zayn, Harry and Niall are there too, plus Simon Cowell). Rated a strong PG 13 for language, violence and limited sexual situations. Not slash per say but strongly bromantic.


2. Fan Gone Wild

Chapter Two




There are times when being in one of the most popular bands in the 21st century can be amazing.

Honestly, there is a feeling of constant incredulity to it. At times, it is surreal. It's like a dream that you don't want to ever wake up from. And the effect it has on other people ranges from amazement to, for some, indifference and then goes far, far into the murky waters of fan hysteria. I've had fans ask for everything from autographs to underwear and everything between (and beneath!). My family , friends, girlfriend , to them, I'm still Louis, Lou, Boobear, even the Tommer. Big brother, son , actually even, from some points of view, a loser. I mean, really, I didn't WIN on XFactor. I got tossed two times, got rescued, and then got sacked with the rest of the band at the very end. Third effing place. But I get to muddle through it with four of the best mates you could ever ask for as one fifth of a pop culture sensation. Ah, life with One Direction can be wonderful.

But then there are times when it reeks, rather badly . Like now.

Imagine going for a walk in the park , not even for a reason, just to do something. Then imagine being seen by a cluster of somewhat irrationally fervent fans. Also known as 1Directioners. And you have to be nice to them regardless of wheter they are behaving nicely or not. . I mean, the fans are who support us. We're not going to get too far without them, that's for certain. They deserve respect. Even if they are currently trying desperately to shred your second favorite coat to shreds to they can have a piece of it. And it doesn't always bother them if you lose just a trace of skin with it apparently. trust me, I've had the scratches and scathes to prove it. And at the moment , I'm trying Ivery hard to lose some fans who seem bent on adding my clothes, my hair and possibly other bits of me, several of which I'm particularly attatched to , to their personal collections.

" Louis, Louis! I just want a lock of your hair!" is the shrill cry of one rather portly teen as she lurches towards me, left hand closed around what seems to be a sort of largish pair of neon pink scissors, almost casually shoving a red haired , far slighter young girl onto the grass by the pathway. Ohh, that"ll smart , I think as the poor girls chin pops into the ground hard. Ok Louie, time to get them calm before someone gets hurt, yourself included, I think to myself, absolutely clueless as to how I am suppossed to accomplish that when to my shock and relief I hear a most familiar sevoice call out.

" Louis! Over hear!" calls out Harry Styles as he and thank you Almighty, two of our security people from Syco stride rapidly in my , er, direction. " Come on you slow arse, we've been looking for you for half and hour!" he complained as the threesome came up into the midst of the chaos. " Oi, Bruiser, Gruesome, help 'im out , would you? Come on, earn those princely saleries of yours, " Harry tell them, using our private nicknames for our two most scary guardians. Fortunately, the Snipper, as I decide on the spot to call my scissor wielding fanatic, is quite rightly taken aback by 400 kilos of angry rental cops.

Bruiser: " Go on little miss, Mr. Styles and Mr. Tomlinson have somewhere else to be. Now." He gives the rest of the group a intimidating (and unless you've seen a swarthy two meter ex Royal Marine try to be intimifating you just have not clue) look while Gruesome taps his not quite concealed baton meaningfully. The flock scatters quickly, barely audible comments about cavemen, trolls and bids for scraps from my coat fading as they scamper away. All of that is drown out by Harry's hooting that he calls laughter.

" Lou, I think that big one may've been planning on a quick circumsion, the way she was snipping at you, " he chortled, his trademark aubern curls bouncing as he slapped me none too gently on the shoulder. realizing I'm not responding to his gibe, he backs off a step . " Say, you didn't get actually hurt or anythin' , did you ?" he asked, concern on his face.

" I'm fine, just not really into this trip, " I reply, honestly enough, "I wish I hadn't let Niall talk us into going, but at least it's on private property . Maybe Edwina Scissorhands won't be there." I almost feel guilty for the comment as soon as I make. 99 percent of our fans are reasonable people. Unfortunately, the other one percent more than makes their occassional lunacies even that out. I realize just how petty I'm sounding and managed a weak smile at my best friend in the band.

" It'll be fun, " Harry claimed with confidence, "besides, the chance to meet all of Niall's relative at once? It'd make one brilliant show on Channel 4, " he widened his eyes dramatically, lowering his head and giving a absolutely awful impression of David Attenborough, " Behold the wild Horans in their native Irish enviroment. See how they balance the essential nutrients of barley and ale by consuming vast quantitites of both...", he glanced at me , pure mischief in his eyes.

Despite my ill mood, I can't help a bark of actual laughter at the silly fool. "Damn you Hazza, you win. Enough of my moping. Where's the rest of the Flying Circus at?"

" If you mean our worthy partners, they're already waiting to meet us for the ride to the airport. You know Daddy, he almost went off his nut at the idea of being late," he informed me, referring to Liam Payne, nee "Daddy Direction", who's one of the most reliable people you'll ever meet. Also one of the bost inclined to go raving bonkers at the idea of things not going according to SCHEDULE.

" Horrors! What ever shall we do ? " , I tell him as Bruiser gestures meaningfully towards the curb where our driver is waiting. A sudden twinge of dread cathces me, prompting a quick aside to Harry. " Dear Uncle Si hasn't called , text, tweeted or anything about the trip has he? You know he hates the idea of us actually performing for free, ", which is both a gross injustice to Simon Cowell, who practically created OneDirection and a simple statement of fact. He's psycho like that. Thankfully, I'm reassured quickly.

" No way. Niall threatened to be "indisposed indefinitely" if Simon said one wrong word. Or to drop some vague hints about behind the scenes abuse at XFactor, hidden orgies at the judges house, things like that. " He smirked at me as I started laughing again. Old Harry. Always good at bringing me out of a bad mood.

" Bet Simon loved that. Oh well, better get moving before something else happens . Mullingar, here we come." To my surprise, Harry hooks an arm through mine as we walk towards the waiting car. " Harry, the flaming paps will have this all over creation, " I warn only to go quiet as he admonishes me with a almost painful clout to the ear.

" Belt up. You're such a moody prat today. 'sides, it gives them something to do other than ask about Elenor or whatever woman they've convinced themselves I'm banging this week, " he says disgustedly. In fact, he's got a point. Oh well, why the hell not. I pull him closer and we skip gaily towards the car, our hulking bodyguards resignedly trailing us.





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