Is This Really Happening

After Ethan went back to England Hannah's whole world fell apart. She was broken. Ethan takes her back to England with him and that's when she meets Niall. Can he put her back together again? Or will she be broken forever?


3. Goodbyes

Hannah’s POV


It was the morning that Ethan was leaving and it was 4:30 in the morning. His flight left at 7:00 but we had to get there early to make sure we got through security in time.

We walked with Ethan to his gate and when we got there I burst into tears. He pulled me into a hug immediately.

“I don’t want you to go! When am I gonna see you again?” I sobbed and looked up at him.

He thought for a second then he looked down at me “How about the weekend after Thanksgiving? I got a week off from work that week and the boys are also coming that week. You could hang out with us.”

I looked up and smiled. “That sounds great!” I said and hugged him again.

“Flight 243 boarding now.” A lady said over the intercom. We said our goodbyes to Ethan and he got on the plane and left.

We drove home and the whole car ride was silent. Not that I really wanted to talk or anything. When we got home I ran upstairs to my room and pulled out my phone. I uploaded a picture to my computer, resized it and printed it. I took out my favorite locket necklace that had a picture of my parents on one side and now had a picture of Ethan on the other, I put it on.

I laid down on my bed and I didn’t eat all day. I dozed off around 7PM and woke up to a loud bang. My eyes shot open and I ran down the stairs. I froze when I saw 2 men wearing masks standing over my parents. My mom was crying and was sitting in front of my dad so I couldn’t see him very well. The tears were streaming down my face when I saw the pool of blood next to my dad. He was gone. *BANG* I nearly collapsed on the ground when I saw my mom fall.

“No!” I screamed at them. But they just looked at me.

I stood there frozen. One of the men started walking towards me but I turned around and sprinted up the stairs. *BANG* He shot me. I screamed out in pain, but I kept moving.

I ran to my room and locked the door. The men were on the other side trying to get it open. They yelled at me and told me to open it. I grabbed my phone and opened the window. As I was climbing out my door flew open and it scared me and I fell out the window. I landed on my ankle wrong and it hurt really bad but I forced myself to get up and run. I ran down the street as fast as my legs would take me. Just as I turned the corner I heard the men yelling behind me. I dove into a bush and I didn’t dare to even breathe. They came around the corner and stopped in front of the bush. Oh no. Did they know I was in here? Then I heard sirens. They must be coming to save me. I waited as they got louder and louder. The two men sprinted off in the opposite direction. I still didn’t dare to move. I could see the red and blue lights through the leaves as they got closer. They got closer and closer, and then they were gone. They drove right past me. I jumped out of the bush and tried to chase after them but I couldn’t. My ankle hurt too bad. I reached for my phone but it wasn’t there.

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