Is This Really Happening

After Ethan went back to England Hannah's whole world fell apart. She was broken. Ethan takes her back to England with him and that's when she meets Niall. Can he put her back together again? Or will she be broken forever?


2. Alex

Hannah’s POV

I looked back over Ethan’s shoulder and saw that he was right there. It was Alex. My Ex. He was as big as Ethan, although Ethan was 3 years older than him. And honestly, I was scared of him. He always thought he was cool and everything. He had black hair and dark eyes, and he always wore a black leather jacket and he had rings. I hated those rings, I always tried to make him take them off but he wouldn’t. He was actually a sweet guy until he started drinking. Even though we are only 16, he drinks. A lot. And I could tell by the way he walked over here that he was drunk.

“Alex, I think you need to leave.” I said to him coldly.

“Aw babe, but I just got here.” He said as he leaned forward to kiss me. I moved out of the way and he stumbled forward.

“No Alex. You need to stop following me around. I’m not your girlfriend anymore. And besides, you’re always getting drunk.” I said trying to stay calm.


“Babe I will change, I promise. I still love you.” He said and kissed me aggressively. I pulled away and slapped him. Bad choice. He slapped me back I fell to the ground.

“Okay you need to leave now!” Ethan yelled at Alex as he ran over to me.

“No buddy, you need to leave so I can have some alone time with your sister.” Alex said and punched Ethan before Ethan got to me. Next thing I knew Ethan and Alex were punching each other back and forth.

“Stop it!” I screamed at them. They didn’t listen and I wasn’t strong enough to stop them myself. Then two guys came over and pulled Ethan off of Alex. Another guy called the cops and soon enough the cops were here and they were asking us all questions separately.

Alex got arrested and a broken nose and all Ethan got was some cuts on his face from the rings.

Ethan came over to me and asked “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. What about you? Your eye is already getting bruised.” I said worriedly.

“I’ll be fine. Let’s go home.” He said and I nodded.

For the rest of the week we just did things like: going to the movies or the park, we baked some cookies and a cake, we went to a waterpark and we just hung out and talked.

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