Clipped Wings

Whether you go to heaven or hell depends on the person you are and which god you followed people believed. Along the lines of finding a better place other then the world where do we all go? This is for a competition about life after death so giving feedback and likeing this entry would be much appreciated. First time trying out poetry also so tell me what you think.


1. Clipped wings

Cold vines entangle me breathless at death,

my chest heaves considerably as the Earth takes it theft.

Opening eyes I sit up and frown,

as doctors and nurses begin to care now.

My family and loved ones are on the sides down,

crying and suffering, broken silence found.

I feel myself ascend towards sky,

I pass an aeroplane and bird as I go by.

The world enraptures darkness as I ascend past clouds,

the vast blue ocean I saw has all left sight by now.

I hover onwards the journey and after a bit I stop,

I reach my hands out stretched and suddenly drop.

I look above me crying as angels smile on,

one of them holds a smile, while the other mouths "You're Gone".

I see the clouds grow weary as they begin to roar,

the yellow wasps are lashing out in the hemisphere.

I see the place I died now, im rushing to the ground,

motionless I wander if hope is lost and bound.

I close my eyes and scream, no agony I feel,

until I feel a burning of something that would kill.

I open my eyes and collapse as I clench my fists,

no tears will ever form here, the depths will not abide it.

I see a ghastly horned beast bellowing at his throne,

fire and ashes for skin, whilst his teeth are small human skulls.

"Sally Nilson" he snarled as fire erupted brief,

"you are mine for the taking, forever you will feel heat".

The pain of burning seduces, as the flesh I wear erodes,

the hair that I had worn for years now, begins to fall like snow.

Its been a year since his euphoria, I have been here for god knows how long,

I now know why I was for taking, and not having choice to a throne.

I had only skimmed the great heavens, before falling down all alone.

The angels I saw were his servants, his triumph and messengers on high,

I had been a very bad person, so my wings were clipped in the sky.

I was not permitted for treason, the sin I had held was too great.

Wishing for suffering on people, and giving myself this damned fate.

Life after death depends on the soul that you have shaped your whole life,

the worthy ascend to the angels arms, while the tainted shall live on in strife.


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