Bradford bad boy became my boy

Leigh-anne (leanne) hickey was a cute girl, shy, she had black wavy hair and hazel eyes. She had a brother: Pacey, he is very protective he would do every thin for her and his mom. She never had boyfriend. Her father died in a shooting in the street it was hard for her to acept it but it was real. Her mother had to move to bradford. She never imagine that she was going to make a bradford bad boy be her boy. Zayn Javadd Malik Army.


3. who is her?

Zayn's P.O.V. ''Zayn!! Stop it!!'' She said while I was punching josh. Yes, I'm always like that, always in trouble. That's why I'm not with my parents anymore. I took my own way. I starting punching him more, till I fell arms around my waist capturing my arms. ''Not, again.'' I said in a whisper ''Malik, you're in problems. Again..'' The officer said. Leigh-anne P.O.V. we went into the airport and wait for a man that will take us home. When we found him we asked his name: ayehua yov. Wierd name but he looks friendly. He took my mom and my things, Pacey carry his. We were in the street, when I saw a petshop I think I'm going to buy a pet. After minutes of driving we got to some appartament. She might be joking. But she doesn't. We walk trought the principal living room of the appartaments (I don't remember the name of that but I discribe it :D) Then we walk to the elevator, Ayehua push one botton but my mom didn't let us to see she act weird. The elevetor was very fast that I didn't feel that we were in the last floor. ''Hope uyou like our new house'' my mum said. I am not sure. We walked out of the elevator and walked by the end of the hallways the door look very good. I change my mind, i will like this house. My mum oppened the door and I walked in first. It was a penhouse. It was awesome. I went up stairs and I found a room that sad 'Le' I oppened the door and saw my room. OMGOSH!! IT WAS INCREDIBLE SO BIG AND MODERN. Then i rember now I dising it I run for my backpack and saw the dising but it wasn't there. I prefere to dress in to my pijamas. I went down and talk about some things like like thankyou, i love you , etc. I went back to my room and i feel asleep tomorrow I start school. Zayn's P.O.V. ''Zayn Malik?'' The officer said. ''Vas Happenin'?'' I said and i smiled at him. ''Come here'' he said. I nodded and went were he was ''You have be in to much trouble. And like a ponishment you are are going to help the new girl at your school to show her Bradford. Tomorrow you start.'' He said and i rolled my eyes. ''Fine'' I said and walked away. Obbiously if she was a beatiful girl i would do it. I hope so.
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