Bradford bad boy became my boy

Leigh-anne (leanne) hickey was a cute girl, shy, she had black wavy hair and hazel eyes. She had a brother: Pacey, he is very protective he would do every thin for her and his mom. She never had boyfriend. Her father died in a shooting in the street it was hard for her to acept it but it was real. Her mother had to move to bradford. She never imagine that she was going to make a bradford bad boy be her boy. Zayn Javadd Malik Army.


4. chapter 3

Leigh-anne's POV : *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* my clock sounded and I woke up. I wasnsonexited that,for miracle i woke up early. I took a quick shower and dress up. After I finis getting ready, I took my bag and went down stairs. There was my brother and mom waiting for me. Today I'm going to my new school. My mum get up her seat but I told her to stay and that I just wanted some milk. Then went to the kitchen opened the fridge but i stopped when my mom bizzed and it was a message. Mmmmmm.... unknow number. Should I or not. I deaside it. I oppened and it said ''see ya darling'' I got scared and throw the phone to the floor. ''What's going on?'' My mum sout ''Nothing'' I said peacking up my phone. I took my milk and went with mom and Pacey to say good bye. I was in the street already when I feel someone behind me.I stoped and freeze ''Hey what's going on?'' He said. Thank god it was pacey. ''Nothing.''' I said and we walk to the school. *********************************************** Pacey and I got in the office of the principal and talk to him. Our lockers where very far so we asked where it was. so someone bring us there 2º floor. That who was Caleb stayed. He looks nice but theres someone I think is more nice he looks very bad, I mean a bad boy. I saw him walking in the hallway. The bell rang and I found caleb in his locker. ''Hey, Caleb, where's plastic arts room?'' I ask him he tourned around. And it wasn't him!!! ''Ohh My Gosh!! Sorry you are not Caleb...'' It's him the bad boy. ''It's okay, Doll'' he said smiling to me ''it looks you are new here. And let me take you there'' he said and his voice sounded cold. I nodded. He take me there ''I am in the same class, doll.'' He smiled and oppened the door for me. I came in and saw some people in the room. ''Mr. Malik is a miracle that you come early.'' Said the teacher watchin us coming ''Ohh you should be the new girl, Mrs. Hickey. Come in take a seat. You can be next to zayn.'' So zayn is his name mmmm and malik. Ohhhh Zayn Malik. I follow him and seat there. ''Ha, I knew you where new here.'' He whispered in my ear that make me feel really scared. Again he said it with his cold voice. ''I didn't ask your name, what is it?'' He ask again. ''Leigh-anne.'' I said in a whisper. ''Zayn, zayn Malik and doll you didn't answer my message this morning.'' What the hell is going in his mind. ''And where did you got my number?'' I asked in a tiny voice ''I can tell you'' His voice make me feel scared. No, not sacared. Terrifide
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