Bradford bad boy became my boy

Leigh-anne (leanne) hickey was a cute girl, shy, she had black wavy hair and hazel eyes. She had a brother: Pacey, he is very protective he would do every thin for her and his mom. She never had boyfriend. Her father died in a shooting in the street it was hard for her to acept it but it was real. Her mother had to move to bradford. She never imagine that she was going to make a bradford bad boy be her boy. Zayn Javadd Malik Army.


1. Airplane

Leigh-anne's POV. ''Le, wake up.' My brother said he was in the edge of the bed. I moan and jump out of my bed. 'What time is it?' i whispered while I was walking to the badroom. ''Six A.M.'' ''Okay.'' I said and Get into the shower, after getting out of the badroom, I put another cloths. It was very cold so i desided to put some jeans and a black sirt then a black jacket on. I took my phone and saw that they were 24 messages the half of charlie and the other half of dawson, they were my best friends. The dawsons o nes said that we met at the coffe of the airport , Charlie's ones said the same. ''Leigh-anne!! Get down!! It's breakfast.'' My mum yelled from the kitchen. I rush in the hallway and get down stairs. Pacey was in the table eating a bowl of Cheerio's. ''Morning, Le.'' He said. ''Morning.'' I said getting into the kitchen. ''Morning mum.'' I said kissing her cheek. ''Ready to go to bradford the airplane goes at 3 pm. Get ready'' she said I explore the fridge I got some milk and nodded ar her question. I walked in to the table where Pacey was. After eating I told my mom that i was going to the airport more earlier she nodded. I was walking to open tje door I oppened and it was Pacey's girlfriend jenn I hate her with all my senses but if he loves her it's okay for me. I got in a taxi and went to airport, when we got there charlie and Dawson where already there. We talk for a while till we started to make a hard conversation we just said good-bye. What we talk about? Jason the dead guy he was my boy friend. Just wanna forgive. My mom was in the caffetiria I walked were she was and wait for the call of our airplane. After we got in it was two 7 hours till bradford. I fell new.
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