The Hunger Games: Breaking Freedom

As you know I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games so I thought that I would make a fourth book about Katniss' life with her children and Peeta. YOU NEED TO HAVE READ ALL THE HUNGER GAMES BOOKS!


14. Peeta

Katniss is still out. I'm beginning to get worried, it's been an entire day since the bombing. We've tried leaving several times, but everyone is too hurt and exhausted. I'm not sure if it's medical protocol, but luging Katniss around wouldn't be good for her health. I only got two people out with no wounds what so ever, a twenty two year old woman named Elisa, and a man about my age named Tanger. We lost one adult, the woman Haymitchs age, we didn't know she had problems already, and died from blood loss. Her name was Lilly. I didn't think we could save her anyway, she was too old to take on an adventure like this. Our crew consists of Elisa, Tanger, a twelve year old girl named Vine with blonde hair and green eyes, a fifteen year old named Lila, who has dark hair and eyes I can only describe as black. Jamy, a twenty year old boy with short dark hair and blue eyes, and a thirty five year old woman with ginger hair and green eyes. Iris, a sixteen year old who has the same description as Katniss. Twin girls at the age of thirty, who both have the same light blonde hair and buttercup eyes, Amy and Harley.

Most are wounded, Vine has a small gunshot wound in the thigh. Amy with a small debris wounds covering her torso. Jamy has a cut to the face, which is sewed up by thread and nedel, thirteen stiches. The worst are Lila and Katniss. Lila had passed out for two hours do to blood loss from three knife wounds in the stomach that came from a Capitol member in the Hovercraft.

Katniss lies on a brown fleece blanket, it's nice outside so there's no need to cover her with another. She has a thin bandage covering a knife wound down her neck and shoulder. Another blood-socked bandage on her right leg where a extra bullet hit her. I sit quietly next to her, holding her hand and giving up on waking her. She will wake, I keep telling myself.

Lila is next to her, trying to catch sleep in the early evening. It's barley dark, yet Vine is already out. She's had a rough day I'm sure. She has burns covering her body, which we treated with the little bit of the same burn medicine Katniss got when she was in the first games. Haymitch tends to the berry bushes nearby, plucking hundreds of blackberries and storing them in a large leather pouch on his belt. Vine shares a blanket with Jamy, who happens to be her brother. He strokes her long blonde hair, biting his lip to keep from crying. Even if Vine's in deep sleep, her brows are still creased in pain.

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