The Hunger Games: Breaking Freedom

As you know I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games so I thought that I would make a fourth book about Katniss' life with her children and Peeta. YOU NEED TO HAVE READ ALL THE HUNGER GAMES BOOKS!


17. Katniss

I get a quick briefing on everything that's happened. We lost one of our crew, I've been out or almost a day, and District Twelve is gone once again. I start to cry when they tell me that the kids are still missing. How are they going to make it, if they do escape from wherever that are. I still haven't given her a proper hunting lesson. The last one got interupted. I knew it was a mistake to think I could leave them alone in this world. Even if I was only gone for a little while. Look what can happen in a matter of a day. 

Peeta hugs me tightly, explaining to everyone else about why I'm crying. Amy starts to cry too. Peeta whispers that she lost her baby in the bombing. Elissa rolls her eyes and takes a handful of berries from her pocket. I'm suddenly aware of the empty pit that is my stomach. Haymitch extends a hand with a few berries on it.

"This is all that's left. The bush is out, and I didn't want to break out the extra food just yet." I nod and scarf it down, letting the juice stain my hands. 

"You had food all this time! And you didn't give it to me, I mean, us! We are surviving on stupid berries here!" Elisa screams in anger, alerting the entire forest to our presence.

"Well there goes our game, thanks to you! Try surviving now, sweetheart!" Haymitch counters, he never was good with people like her. She must be rich. 

"She's the mayor's daughter." Peeta whispers again. 

"I'm sick of this! We're just waiting to be captured and killed, if starvation doesn't get to us first!" She takes a step toward Haymitch, not a good idea. He slaps her across the face.

"You ought to be grateful! They just risked their lives to save you, and look what that did!" He points to be, beaten and burned, too weak to move. 

"Just to let us die anyway!" She turns on her heel and leaves. Nobody dares to tell her that she's walking back to the district, where peacekeepers are sure to find her. Tanger mutters a few words, I can't hear, but Haymitch laughs.  

"I wonder if they'll set off a cannon for her!" He says giddily, opening one of his packs and taking out a canteen. Him and Tanger share the contents of it, but nobody else even asks. You can smell the alcohol inside. I knew he was lying about not having any. It's good that they're drinking, I guess. Tanger needs it especially. 

Peeta packs up everything, the medical stuff, the blankets, and everything that the survivors brought with them. The only one that had something on them was Vine, who always carried a backpack, according to Jamy. Inside there are a few peanuts, some string, an extra fleece shirt, and a empty bottle. Jamy volunteers to carry his sister the rest of the way, just like Peeta does for me. My burns are driving me crazy, and the dizziness is coming back. I fell like I'm going to throw up the berries, but I manage to hold it down. 

We begin walking, in the opposite direction as Elisa. After hours and hours, we stop. I'm pretty sure we only made it a mile or two though. 

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