The Hunger Games: Breaking Freedom

As you know I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games so I thought that I would make a fourth book about Katniss' life with her children and Peeta. YOU NEED TO HAVE READ ALL THE HUNGER GAMES BOOKS!


7. Katniss

Prim was mad, but when I woke up she seemed different. "You want something to eat Mama?" She looks almost regretful, like she felt horrible about what she did. "No, I'm fine." I sit up out of bed. "Where's you father?" "He went to find something for dinner." "Dinner!" I can't believe I slept this long. "He said to stay in bed." "No, I'm going to find him. You stay here and watch Finnick." She doesn't try to stop me. I pull on my hunting jacket and boots. The woods is quiet, too quiet. My bow is loaded with an arrow in an instant. A twig snaps and I turn. The rabbit is dead in two seconds. I stuff it in my bag and continue searching. I see a glint of blonde hair in the light of a setting sun. "Peeta!" He jumps, and lands on his back. "Peeta, I'm so sorry!" I try my hardest not to laugh, making my way to him. A handful of blackberries is scattered around him and he laughs. "I'm okay Katniss, calm down." He says it like I was terrified. "What are you doing out here!" He stands and brushes the dirt off of his pants. "You were still asleep, so I thought I could gather something for dinner. It's not as easy as I thought." He looks ashamed. "Oh I know, I'm still practicing." He laughs and we walk back to the house. Prim is attempting to spoon feed Finnick. We're all trying something new. He has smashed strawberries all over him, and on Prim. "Sorry." She puts down the spoon and goes to get cleaned up. We end up having to scavenge for leftovers. Peeta promises to never venture out alone again, and Prim apologizes for wasting Finnick's food.

 By sundown, we've finished what little food we had. Peeta divides his last roll in two, and hands each half to Prim and I. "No, Peeta eat." I hand him back the roll. Prim tries too, but we both make her eat it. We put the kids in bed and promise a big breakfast. Peeta and I go to bed and lay there, whispering meanings of love to each other.

The next morning Peeta gets up early, and I decide to go with him to the District. I leave Prim a note and we leave. The kids shouldn't be up for two hours so we have time, the note was incase we were late or she woke up early.

Town looks so different I almost don't recognize it. The old, run down streets are replaced with new stone gravel. Wagons travel up and down them with people and goods inside. "We are still the weakest and poorest District, but it's a step up from the old Twelve." It's a thousand steps up from the old twelve, and Peeta knows that. The houses are no longer about to fall down, instead they look as if they could last a million lifetimes. People greet us left and right. Some bow at my feet and shower me with thankyou's. Peeta leaves me to them and goes to get food. He comes back half an hour later, his arms full of food. I grab three oranges, and an apple out of the pile and hand one of them to each of the people at my feet. "Oh, no. You take the food, we won't need it but maybe you will." A women startles me, she stands and hands me back the apple, the rest of the women hand back the food and turn to leave. "What do you mean, we will need it?" "Yes, oh you don't know. It's coming, get out." The women leave. What just happened. "I never thought I'd here that, Katniss we need to go home." I stand there stunned. "Peeta?" "Katniss go, go. It's coming is a code we made up, the Capitol is dropping bombs in Twelve, soon." We run home, and Peeta has to bust the door because we locked it, and dropped the key on the way here. We pack all our food and a fresh set of clothes in two cloth bags, and go to wake the kids when we hear it, a distant boom. Smoke fills the air, we need to get out of here. Peeta goes to get the kids ready, and I fill four water bottles. "Katniss!" Peeta stands in the doorway, sweat dripping down his face. "What!" We have to yell to communicate because of the noise the people in town are making. "The kids are gone."


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