The Hunger Games: Breaking Freedom

As you know I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games so I thought that I would make a fourth book about Katniss' life with her children and Peeta. YOU NEED TO HAVE READ ALL THE HUNGER GAMES BOOKS!


1. Katniss

I wake up to Peeta hugging me from behind and sleeping. This was the first time since my first hunger games that I'd slept without nightmares.

 "Morning mama." Prim stands in the doorway of Peeta and I's bedroom.

"Good morning, you hungry?"

"Yes." I slowly unwrap Peeta's arms from around my waste careful not to wake him, but I've never been graceful and he mumbles something to himself and flutters his eyes open, then a surge of fear shoots through him and he jumps out of bed.

"What, what's wrong!"

"Peeta, its okay." I give him a small glare, he looks confused at first but he knows what I mean. "Oh, sorry. Prim you want some breakfast?"

"Yes Daddy." She says. He leads her out into the kitchen. Ever since she and her brother, Finnick were born I became very protective. Prim's only seven and I don't want her knowing too much about Peeta and I's past, not yet anyway. She's learned about it from Peeta and a little something about the Hunger Games, but not enough to know how much danger we are in. Peeta is scared to death that someone from the Capitol is going to find us and attack. There are still some that live in the Capitol that believe in the old ways, and there's no doubt in my mind they are planning something.  We now live in the old cement house by the lake in the District Twelve woods. Of course I love it, being near the lake is nice and the woods is even better. I still have to hunt because I hate taking food from Gale. Gale and I have a little rule about him and the kids, they see him but know only a little about our past. They know we were hunting partners, and that's it.

He collects food from a box left in the square that people put things in for the hero's of District Twelve, and lives in the woods alone a couple miles away, although he spends most of his time in District Two. I personally hate taking things from that box, and never do. Along with us Haymitch lives in the woods too. The kids have only ever met him once, I don't really want them around if he has a drunken rage.

I espeacialy don't want them knowing how scared Peeta and I are that something is going to happen. I get out of bed and go down the hall to Finnick and Prim's room. Finnick was still asleep in his tiny toddler bed.

"Baby, its time to wake up, daddy's got breakfast." I say in a soft cheerful voice.

"Mama." He says still half asleep. I pick him up and carry him around the corner to our small kitchen. The house isn't very big but its the perfect size for me.

"Morning Finnick.'' Peeta and Prim say in unison.

"Morning dada, hello prim." He answers in his tiny three year old voice.

"Whats are you having?" I ask Peeta.

"The left over katniss weeds from last night, would you rather something else?"

"No, thats fine, whats this."

"Something I happened to cook." He says as I unwrap the cloth around a few small cheese buns.

"Thank you very much, but I'm not in the mood." I say mocking him, he knows these are my favorite.

"Well I'll remember that next time I go into town." I always make Peeta go to town, he is a lot better with people than I am.

''Oh....I guess I'll have one." I say tiredly. The kids laugh at our little joke and go on eating the katniss weeds Prim and I got yesterday.

"So what are we going to do today." Prim asks.

"Well I think its about time you start learning to shoot." I say, Prim always loves going into the woods to hunt and swim in the lake. She's been asking to learn to shoot a bow and arrow for almost two years. Words cannot describe the look on her face.

"Thank you thank you thank you!" She screams.

"Prim what did I tell you about screaming, you'll scare the animals away." I try to scold her but I can't keep a straight face.

"Sorry mama, can we go now please?" She says dragging out the 'please'.

"Whoa not without this." Peeta says taking one of my father's old small bows off the wall where I hang my weapons.

"My own bow." She whispers excitedly.

"Well go get dressed and put on your boots, we're leaving early so we can go farther into the woods." Instead of answering like she usually would she darts to her room. In what seems like two seconds she's in front of me in a black flannel shirt and gray pants, along with her hunting boots. I grab my favorite bow that my father made, while Prim gets hers and two quivers with five arrows each.

"Where are we goin' mama, the lake?"

"No, I told you we are going somewhere you haven't been before. The place I learned to hunt, and the place I still go hunting when you aren't with me. I haven't really wanted to take you this close to the edge but I think you are ready now." "The edge, near District Twelve!" She says happily. She has almost never been close to town, I don't think she would mix well with the other kids. 'The mockingjay's girl.' They would say. 'Poor girl named after her dead aunt'. 'She don't know anything about her parents.' 'The Capitol will get her someday.' They would all mock her, and she would find out about our past, and what might happen in the future.

About an hour later we arrive at a tree that I know very well, the one I dropped off of when the electric was on that cold winter afternoon. Also the old rusted, knocked down fence that used to surround the entire District.

"What's the fence for?" She asks eyeing an old tangled peice of barbed wire.

"When I was little, we weren't allowed in the woods, but Gale and I brook that rule everyday." I say trying hard not to reveal to much about the old District Twelve.

"Oh." She answers.

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