The Hunger Games: Breaking Freedom

As you know I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games so I thought that I would make a fourth book about Katniss' life with her children and Peeta. YOU NEED TO HAVE READ ALL THE HUNGER GAMES BOOKS!


16. Haymitch

I come back with probably five basketfuls of berries. Katniss has been out all day, and I'm starting to worry about her. She's been through too much already, and lost almost everybody dear to her, and now her kids. And maybe her life, with what's going on now. I still, after her ignoring me all these years, feel responsible for her. 

"Hey, you should eat." I say to Jamy, Amy, Harley, Elisa, Tanger, Peeta, the Katniss look-a-like Lilly, and even Vine. She opens her eyes, but scrunches them again in pain. Jamy declines, and mushes up a few for his sister, who's forehead is drenched in sweat. He lets a tear fall, but quickly wipes it away. 

Amy and Harley take a handful, cramming the life line in their mouths. Tanger only takes one, says he ate just before the bombing and he isn't really hungry. It's been a day, so I know he's lying. This is all we have had, berries, that are starting to run out. Elisa fills her pockets, and her hands. I don't think I will be able to tolerate her care free attitude much longer, Lilly feeds herself a generous amount, and I eventually I talk Peeta into some. 

We sit, eating and waiting. My joints are beginning to hurt from lack of movement in the past twenty years. 

Katniss starts to shift, creasing her forehead in pain. Peeta soothes her, careful where to touch. She whispers to him. He nods and says that we have to get moving. I take the hint a lot faster than she does. She can't stand to lay there while her kids suffer. 



 A/N: Sorry this was so short! Just one of those fillers! 

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