The Hunger Games: Breaking Freedom

As you know I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games so I thought that I would make a fourth book about Katniss' life with her children and Peeta. YOU NEED TO HAVE READ ALL THE HUNGER GAMES BOOKS!


4. Haymitch

I had almost forgotten the Katniss and Peeta even lived in the same woods with me. When the new mayor announced that all people with ties to Katniss or Peeta had to leave, and live in the woods for the rest of their lives, I followed them. I would never admit this, but I felt fully responsible for them, so for months every time Peeta, Katniss, or Primrose left their house I followed them. That was years ago, before Katniss caught me and cast me out of her part of the woods.

I take another swig from my bottle, this was the only relief I had from the world. From the pain, and sorrow. From the Hunger Games, from Katniss, from Peeta, and from Ellie. Ellie, her long auburn ringlets always let down, hanging to the bottom of her spine. Those green eyes, always seeing into your soul, finding the good in everyone. She died defending a complete stranger, a blast to the head from a peacekeeper....................

I just finish these thoughts when I pass out.

When I wake I'm on the kitchen floor. I look around, hoping to see Katniss with a pitcher of cold water or Peeta with steaming bread buns. It's become a habbit, that I can't seem to break. I get up, and slog up my steps. I run my hand along the wall until I come to the small, red picture frame, pausing just long enough to take in Ellie's beautiful face. This is the only picture that the world has seen, a last reminder of the most beautiful girl in the universe. I walk through the narrow hallway to a small bathroom, without running water. I grab my bucket, walk back down the steps, and light a fire. I walk until I find my stream and fill my bucket. Back home I boil the water and take it back upstairs, pausing as always, at the small picture. I take a quick shower, standing under a plastic pale with my boiled water seeping through the hole I made in the bottom of it.

The searing water burns, but anything to get that cheery red smile and green eyes out of my head.

My room is full of empty bottles and shattered glass from my last rampage but I don't care. I slip on a pair of trousers and a white shirt, big mistake. An entire glass of red wine covers it ten minutes later. Not even bothering to take it of, I lay on my tattered couch and slowly drift of to sleep. Another mistake.

The plum dress flies in the wind just enough to uncover her knees. For the first time her flowing auburn hair is in a lose braid, her hand is reached out toward me but I can't seem to reach it. Her smile fades until she's almost crying. "Ellie!" I scream her name until my throat can no longer produce sound. "Coming, it's" She whispers slowly, like every word takes extreme effort. A young man is running behind her, but still isn't moving. The too familiar white body armor is chasing, he gets close, too close. Ellie turns and runs to the young man just fast enough to get to him in time for the bullet to find her left temple. The peacekeeper stops stares, and tries to shoot the man but misses. By the time he's deemed Ellie dead, the blur of green coat and black hair is disappearing into the woods. From the feet up Ellie's body is fading, I run. I get to her just in time to see her Emerald eyes wild with fear, then fade just as fast. The man comes up behind me and I notice the Capitol seal on his coat.............

I jerk up, dawn barley seeping through the window shades. Her image is still fresh. I do the only thing I know to get it to fade like her body in the dream. I grab the red wine I didn't finish last night. Not enough to knock me out, but to get her beautiful face out of my head. Staggering out of the house, I fish in my little stream. I get one baby perch. At least that's what it looks like in my drunken state. On my way home it slowly goes away, and at least I can see clearly. So I decide to cook my fish. I start a fire and skin the perch. It takes a while but I finally get all the burnt fish down my throat. It's sure to be back up soon, but I'm used to everything I eat coming back up.

I've tried to sober up many of times, but the last I ended up passing out for a week. Katniss even sent Peeta to check on me, that was when her belly was slightly swollen with Primrose inside.

That was the last time I ever saw Peeta. Even if I could barley see him. I knew he was heartbroken. He couldn't bare to have to put the stuff that was killing me back into my system. Drinking was everything before, now I've sworn to myself to only use it when absolutely needed. When I thought of Ellie.


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