The Hunger Games: Breaking Freedom

As you know I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games so I thought that I would make a fourth book about Katniss' life with her children and Peeta. YOU NEED TO HAVE READ ALL THE HUNGER GAMES BOOKS!


5. Gale

I lost Katniss, I wasn't about to lose this too. "I'm sorry, you know what's happening. I can't keep this operation going much longer. Go home, see your friends. Spend time with them while you still have it." Finley says, this is the third time he has given this speech this morning. "I can't go home, please. I can stay, help you." I never plead, but this is important. This program is the only thing that keeps my mind off of Katniss. "I'm sorry." "You need me! You know that we at least have a chance. Please!" "If it wasn't you, I would say no. Stay but don't be stupid, carry out my orders, and tell nobody." "Thank you Finley." I walk back to my cabin. The fresh air is nice, I can think out here. That's why I'm always inventing here. The cabins smell like rotting fish and the boarding bunkers are stuffy. Of course I know what's happening, I just don't want to except it. I like to think of myself as the teachers pet, only to Finley. He started This entire organization to help with the aftermath of the revolution, then it turned into a housing development for people who lost their homes in the war, now we secretly train young men who used to live in the Capitol,in combat. We are a top secret Capitol steak out program. For the past three years we have been in high suspicion.

Two weeks ago, our worst fears were confirmed. One of my favorite trainees was on one of our weekly missions, shut down all power in the Capitol and say its a test. While its out, no one will realize that a hacker has scanned all phone records for District calls. If found, which isn't likely, we playback the tape, send in members to the callers house and disable their phone connection. The next week they get back connection. If they call again, we scan it through the best code breakers in Panem. Usually it's a wrong number or just a call between separated family members. Anyway, he was one of the members who shuts down the power. He and his partner were just entering the power plant when they called, the door was heavily loaded with armed men. They did as trained stated close but out of sight. They overheard a conversation between the men, about something called a 'syro router'. They were already on call and were ordered to tape the conversation, we found out that the Capitol had its own operation going on. A syro router was scheduled to hit three times in District 3, 6, and 12. The trainees were caught and killed. But not before they stowed the tape and told us where it was.

We now know that the Capitol has been planing a fight with the Districts ever since the Revolution. Now, Finley has to let go all the members so that we aren't discovered. I get to stay, help Finley and keep working to defeat the Capitol. My traps saved us from being discovered exactly four times in the past. That's why Finley adores me so much.

My cabin mates are already packing, deadline move out is in two days, the attack is supposed to be in a week. "Are you leaving early?" I ask, not one out of three people looks up. "Hey Gale," Henrick says trying to sound happy. He is one of my best friends here. We met on a top mission, he's a hacker. We had to disable an entire fleet of bomber planes in two hours. The Districts were expecting a food drop off, the Capitol was going to send one food plane, and when it landed the residents would flock to the plane, thus making a perfect target. That was years ago, now we are expecting a lot more than a few bombs. "Hey, what are you doing?" I ask again and this time, I get a answer. "Packing, the weather is going to be bad." Ginger, one of the only girls in the program, is always straight forward. She's a amazing sharp shooter and a planner, our mission organizers. She is originally from the Capitol but moved to District 2 when she was fifteen, ran away and hasn't seen her family since. "I'm leaving tonight!" Ridley is the only other girl in the program and the best trapper I know besides me. She puts her first aid kit in her military pack and throws it in her bunk. The girls get the top, they seem to be alert and ready faster than us.

 Our cabin is full of dust, our cabin keepers were let go eairlier, less people to pay when you need all the money you can get. "You better start, I know it's hard but you need to go back to Twelve." Says Lunitan. He's a top notch decoder, once he decoded a three paragraph message, with a code that had never been used before, in less than twenty minutes. The only other person in our cabin is Derek, he hardly ever talks. He has problems in his brain, yet is the best stratigizer in this District. If you can't already tell, our cabin is for the gifted. There are only two cabins that hold the members like us. Finley's is he only other one. The first sector is for training,  second is for boarding bunkers. Where all our planners and stratigizers meet for mission planning, board meetings take place, and prisoners live. Sector three is cabins and the dinning hall. Sector four, Finley's small activity area. Made for the members to have something to do rather than shoot paper targets. Not much really, one tiny TV, four motor bikes, a track, and a ice cream machine.

I'm worried, but we can't inform the Districts or the Capotil might find out and change plans. If we told three, six, and twelve that they were going to be bombed, they would leave. Where would they go, almost all of them would charge to District Thirteen. The Capotil would find out then bomb Thirteen. I would warn Katniss, but she's safe in Thirteen. I know she's safe, I got someone to find her for me. She lives with her mother now.

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