The Hunger Games: Breaking Freedom

As you know I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games so I thought that I would make a fourth book about Katniss' life with her children and Peeta. YOU NEED TO HAVE READ ALL THE HUNGER GAMES BOOKS!


11. Ellie

We have been wondering the streets for days, with almost no food or water. Hannah hasn't complained, but we all know she's the really hungry one. 

"Now what Keenie, you got us out here and now we are cold and starving." Jana is getting restless, which is pretty much her personality. Keenie doesn't answer, but looks really upset. 

"This was my idea, it's my fault. But isn't this better than staying locked up in a stupid cell for a month."

"At least there we had food." Hannah speaks up for the first time since we broke out. 

"Hey, look!" Jana points to a metal flag pool with a price if paper taped to it. While everybody else is clueless, she reads it out loud. 

"It says 'Wanted, Jana Thunu, Keenie Ginger, Ellie Doger, and Hannah Ileuy for jail break and the murder of a mental institution gaurd, Jhonny Park.' Our pictures follow the sentence that could end out lives. 

"We are wanted fugitives, and now everyone knows what we look like! Why are you acting like this is a good thing!" Keenie keeps her voice to a teeth-gritted whisper. 

"We just need to focus on getting out if here! The Districts!" I state, taking the lead south, on my way to the Districts. I have no idea which one we will end up in, or if I'm even going the right way, but we need to get out before they find us. They will kill us, that's for sure.

"Fine!" They all say at the same time, following close behind me. 

We pass several citizens, in diffrent color clothing and lots of feathers and fur. Also jewels, of all sorts, rings with colorful diamonds, necklaces with huge cut outs of shapes hanging from them, and bedazzled into their clothes. They stop to examine us in our paper robes, then shake their heads and move on.

"I can't take it anymore, we need clothes!" Hannah quickly covers her mouth, not meaning to speak that loudly. 

"I agree!" Keenie shoves me out if the way, and walks straight into a clothing store. Neither of us say anything, but rush against each other trying to stop Keenie before she does anything even more stupid. 

We find her in a aisle full of pink dresses, pinks of all kinds. Some have those fancy jewels, others have feathers or fur attached. None of them really fit my style. They're all too, too fancy. Keenie picks one out, and pins it against her body.

"Look like it fits okay?" We knod and she makes her way to the shoe section. Forgetting we are being hunted, each of us split up to find our own clothes. 

Hannah picks out a yellow frily top, with a black skirt that has yellow flowers around the rim. Keenie's dress has purple long sleeves and a matching hat. Jana has black and white striped pants, and a white shirt with a leather jacket. I finally find a simple black dress, short sleeved and tight fit. We each decide to just keep our bare feet. 

"Wait, we don't have any money!" Hannah keeps her voice down so the clerk can't hear us. 

"So!" Jana takes her robe off, hiding behind a rack of green sweaters. Then slips on her new outfit. Hannah does the same, after her it's Keenie. I don't want to steal, but I guess I have to. I pull on my dress right over the paper that has been my clothes for so long. 

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