The Hunger Games: Breaking Freedom

As you know I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games so I thought that I would make a fourth book about Katniss' life with her children and Peeta. YOU NEED TO HAVE READ ALL THE HUNGER GAMES BOOKS!


6. Ellie

It's been thirty seven years, two months, ten days, and five hours. All I've had to do since it happened is count down. I don't know exactly what happened those years ago, but I know it was important. Whatever it was made me lose my memory forever. My head was hit really hard I think, a gaurd outside my cell door said once that I was accidentally shot in my stomach, it bounced off my dress jewel but still reopened an old wound and I bled. Next thing I know I'm here, in a 8" by 10" foot cell. My bed is against the wall, my extra paper robe is folded on top, and a drain is in the corner of the room. The only entertainment is a soft music that comes out of the hallway speakers, in a ten song loop. I don't leave but once a month, to go to production. Production is my favorite day. Me and my group of four go to the bottom floor of the building and get sprayed with hoses. Then a officar puts sweet tasting, thick, sparkling paste in our mouths. They also put a teethed stick through our hair and put it in a tight ponytail. I almost always take the ponytail out, I can't stand my hair being up. After that we go to the Facility. There we have to prep, pour, and package meals made into liquid. We have to make a series of chemicals into different kinds of tasty liquids, then put it into tiny glass bottles and package them in boxes. Every year each of the people in this place gets a bix of bottles. Five while bottles. My favorite kind is the one with the picture of brown cubes floating in orange sauce. I go to production tommarow.  

I jump at the sound of the night alarm, as always. My cell lights shut off and the only light comes from the unbreakable, tiny window in the door. Laying down on the bed the music starts to fade. I fall asleep and I barley feel the elastic straps wrap around my body. 

I dread the fallowing day, I love production but this is the last time I get to leave for another month. At ten the elastic straps release and the lights come on. I would lay here but I need to get up, I need to be ready for the officar to pick me up.  

Ten minutes late there's a knock at the door but it slides open before I say anything. I walk out and greeted by Jana, one if my group members. Jana knods and glances down, I follow her and the gaurd we pick up Hannah, a ten year old. Hannah looks at me and waves but looks giddy today. The only other person to pick up is Keenie. She steps out of her cell and doesn't look at anyone except Hannah Sharing the same look as her. All of us lost out memories but I'm the only one who thinks she knows what happened to her in the past. Hannah walks into the elavator followed by all of us. I expect the long boring ride to the Facility, instead I end up with a lot of screaming and punching. Hannah jumps on the guard and Keenie punches his stomach. The armor is removed from him in seconds and they scream for us to help disable the guard. "You have to help us! Don't you want to get out of here!" Hannah screams while pulling his helmet off. Jana considers this, and jumps on top of the guards body. He's not completely out but he looks close. "Ellie!" Now Keenie is screaming for me to help. I don't want to hurt anybody but what she says next makes me suddenly furious at the limp guard. "Don't you want to see your love! Haymitch!" I stop and the world freezes. Haymitch. I know that name and when I think of it my heart jumps. "How do you know a Haymitch!" "I heard him! The guards were talking outside the cell and I heard them, they said Haymitch tried to take you when you were shot!" I try to remember the name but its impossible. I suddenly start kicking the already dead guard. "We need to get out of here!" Jana says trying to calm everyone down. The elevator doors open as if on cue and everyone rushes out. "Where do we go." "Last month I saw a door behind the bottle maker!" Hannah would have seen the door, she is so small. We charge to where she said it was and sure enough a wooden door is there. "I think this goes to the outside." Hannah had been right so far. We open the door and a room with a long stairwell we go up to find another door. It did lead to the outside.

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