The Angel And The Red Head (Niall Horan Love Story)

Amelia Pearson is your typical seventeen year old beauty. Yea, she's popular, but does she like that... no. But will a certain fallen Angel change her average life... Will Niall let her uncover secrets she didn't know about herself?


3. Worried

When we got home I basically locked myself in my room. I was just worried about.. Niall. He said he knew me, but how is that possible I don't know him. He could be a stalker, or a kidnapper, or a rapist, or... and I'm overreacting. I dp that too much. That's probably why I'm prone to panic attacks.


I was in my bed scrolling on my iPhone. My homework was completed so I just need to take a shower and I'll be set for the night. 


I laughed at myself because I was completely failing at Angry Birds. Just then my phone made a 'ding' noise signalling I got a new text message. Sighing, I opened up the message and read it.


From Unknown:

I'm watching you ;) 


I took my phone off immediately and threw it on my bed, breathing heavily. God, that has to be him. Unless maybe Mason is playing a prank on me. No. It has to be.. Niall. His name sends shivers down my spine. I glanced at my window and realised the blind was up, letting anyone who wants to, to look in my window. I looked out into the pitch black light and spotted nothing, not even something under the street lights. I was half expecting to see a large range rover parked somewhere.


After investigating I snapped the blinds shut and they went down with a pitter patter. I seriously want to know what his deal is. I mean, he freaking introduced himself as my boyfriend and I don't know him! Maybe he's a vampire, he does have really pale skin. But he's Irish so that's most likely why. Gah! I just need one clue. Well, he seemed protective of me?


Whatever. At least tomorrow we get to go on vacation, and hopefully I'll be far far away from that Niall kid.




In the morning we were all packing our bags. I'm just gonna take my back pack and a small carry on. We're only going to be gone for two days so I don't need  much.


I dressed in some leggings and jean shorts over them, also I threw on a t-shirt. And since I'm lazy I pulled my hair back into a neat-ish braid. Good enough.


"Helloo." I jumped at Mason's greeting. I turned around and he was leaning against my door way with his arms crossed over his chest.

"What do ya want squirt." I replied shoving my phone in my back pocket. 

"Well you know your boyfriend, Niall?" He said. I lifted a finger and was about to say something but my phone started vibrating.


From Unknown:

say yes 


I gulped and looked up from the screen to meet his face.

"Yea." I choked out. I decided I should just obey him, who  knows what he could do to me if I didn't. 

"Well, I want you two to know what your doing-"

"Ew, gross! La la la la!" I said putting my fingers in my ears. He shook his head and laughed.

"I just want you to be careful. I know how guys look at you." He says.

"I know how guys look at you." I mocked.

"Stop it."

"Stop it."



"Oh will you two give it a break. Lets go are you ready?" She said poking her head in my room. We both nodded.


Good thing Niall isn't going to Crystal lake.

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