The Angel And The Red Head (Niall Horan Love Story)

Amelia Pearson is your typical seventeen year old beauty. Yea, she's popular, but does she like that... no. But will a certain fallen Angel change her average life... Will Niall let her uncover secrets she didn't know about herself?


8. The Secret is out

I woke up with two strong arms wrapped around my waist. How did we get in this position during the night? Is it bad to say I don't really mind it. Surprisingly he wasn't snoring too loud, just lightly. That's nice he kept his word and didn't snore.

All of a sudden I heard a few loud knocks on the mahogany door.

"Niall." I whispered moving around to get him to wake up. He groaned and tightened his arms on me.

"There's someone at the door." I whine. He releases me and jogged quickly over to the door, looking through the peep hole.

"Hide under the bed." He immediately says turning to me.

"W-What?" What is going on?

"Please don't ask questions now. Under the bed." He pleads. I look at him confused but obey and crouch on the floor, slipping under the bed.

I heard the door open."What do you want Chris." Niall hissed. Foot steps were heard and I'm guessing he entered.

"Where is she. I know she's here!" Chris literally growled. 

"She isn't here, and you're trespassing. Get the fuck out." Wow that was the first time I ever heard Niall swear.

The foot steps pattered across the wooden floor and I saw Chris's shoes. No one said anything Chris just looked everywhere around the room. 

"Fine Horan, she isn't here. But I have my eye on you. Stay away from her." Chris spat.

"Whatever." Niall mumbles.

"Wait." Chris pauses."Under the bed." Oh great.... cover blown. Chris bent down and he smirked when he saw me. He grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me out from under the bed, ouch. He wrapped an arm from in front of my waist so I was facing Niall.

"Let. Her. Go." Niall said, his eyes turning the silver orange color again. Chris chuckled, okay right now I'm not really liking him.

"What are you gonna do about it Horan? Remember, you are the good one." Chris spat. I looked up and gasped when I saw that Chris's eyes were a blazing red color, not grey.

"P-P-Please let me go Chris." I practically begged. Chris pushed me from his arms and I tumbled into Niall.

"I'll be seeing you both later." Chris laughed devilishly. I buried my face in Niall's chest as I heard the door open and close in the background. I don't know what happened, but right now I don't think either one of them are human. Chris had red eyes, demon like, and was being a bastard. Niall's eyes were silver and orange, and Chris said he couldn't do anything because he was good.

"Niall what are you." My own words surprised me.

"I'm guessing you know I'm not exactly human." He said stroking my hair. 

"Yea." My voice cracked."What are you then."

"I can't tell you. But you can figure it out yourself though." I was quite upset and tried to pull away, but he held me tighter.

"Don't leave. I just already almost lost you." He sighed. What does he mean lose me? I sighed and wrapped my arms around his back so we were basically hugging. 

"A-Are you a demon?" 

"No no. Complete opposite. But Chris is...." Wait.. Chris is a demon. How could I not have known this, we've been friends for the longest time. 

"You're good. Your eyes turn a different color when your moods change. The feather....." something clicked in my mind."Angel."

He pulled away and nodded, with a lop sided smile."But a fallen Angel. That's why I'm here on earth."

"Wait, what caused you to fall from... heaven?" I think that's where Angels come from.

"Well whenever an angel falls in love with a human, or just feels the need to protect them. They're sent on earth to fulfill that purpose." Wait, love?

"Who were you sent to love?" My eyes probably sparkled with curiosity.

"You." My heart stopped and seemed to shatter into a thousand pieces, than rebuild itself.

"M-Me? How?" He wrapped his arms around my waist and looked me straight in the eye.

"When I first saw you when you were born, I knew you were the one." He kissed my cheek and my stomach fluttered with butterflies.

"You saw me from heaven?" He nodded and I let out the breath I didn't realise I was holding.

"And why do you hate Chris so much?" I asked sitting back down on the bed. My wrists still stinged from when he grabbed me.

"Well.. it's kind of hard to explain. Demons can also fall in love, but it's a much different process. They're nice to their lover at first but than start to physically control them. For an angel it's much different, I wouldn't ever want to hurt you." His words sank in.

This means Chris is in love with me.... And he's a demon. But Niall is also in love with me.... And he's an Angel.

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