The Angel And The Red Head (Niall Horan Love Story)

Amelia Pearson is your typical seventeen year old beauty. Yea, she's popular, but does she like that... no. But will a certain fallen Angel change her average life... Will Niall let her uncover secrets she didn't know about herself?


9. Overprotective, or caring

I was in the bathroom at the moment getting dressed. Apparently in the middle of the night my mom checked up on me, and dropped off some clothes. I threw a dark blue crop top shirt over my head, some jean shorts that went just above my knee, and some flip flops. Jeesh I'm showing off a lot of skin... Oh well I need a tan anyway.


When I walked out Niall was surprisingly waiting there for me.

"What. Are. You. Wearing." He gestured to my clothes while still leaning against the wall. I looked down at my outfit and found nothing wrong with it.

"What's wrong?" I furrowed my eye brows.

"Every guy will look at your stomach." After he said that I rolled my eyes.

"Seriously." He nodded with serious face."Well I'm not changing." I poked his nose and laughed.


"I'm gonna get dressed. Meet me down stairs." He said turning around to go in his room.

"Wait I'm supposed to have breakfast with my mom and brother." I laugh.

"I know. I'm coming with you." He said closing the door. I shrugged to myself and went to walk down the stairs.


When I reached the bottom there was a little girl, maybe seven, sitting on the desk swinging her feet back and forth. She had darker skin making her look like a Latina girl, short black hair, wearing a pink flowered dress, and had white sandals. And she had to be the desk lady's daughter because they looked almost exactly alike.

I went and sat down on one of the couches to wait for Niall.


"Excuse me?" I turned around at the voice.

"Yes?" I asked the desk lady.

"My daughter is trying to get better at English. Can she tell you something?" I could hear the hint of Spanish in her accent.

"Of course." I reply and smile at the girl. She walks over to me shyly and struggles at first before saying

"You're very pretty." She finally says.


"She sure is." A male voice cut me off. I turned around and none other than Chris was standing there with a smirk.

"Danieryes." I'm guessing that was the girl's name because she scurried over to her mom.


"Well hello beautiful." He said sitting next to me."I'm guessing Niall has informed you on what we are." I could hear the sarcasm in his tone.

"Yeah. Go to hell. Or should I say go back to hell." I spat and tried to stand up but he grabbed my wrist and tugged me back down.

"Look sweat heart. It's either me, or him. And it will be me." He whispered in my ear. With that he stood up and left.


What does he mean "it's either me or him and it will be me?" WHAT DOES IT MEAN.

"Hey." I stand up sort of startled at his voice.

"H-Hi." I said rubbing my arm. He looked at me confused but just shook it off. He came and stood next to me wrapping an arm around my waist.

"It means either you love him. Or you love me." My eyes went wide.

"H-How did you-"

"Shh. Let's go. Your mom is waiting." He gave a lop sided smile. We both went out of the front doors walking down the pebbles and patches of grass. When we got to the benches near the lake my mom, brother, and.... Lilac were sitting at one.


"Um. Hi." I say glancing at Lilac.

"Hi sweetie." My mom gestures for me to give her a hug and I do. After that me and Niall both sit down, me more awkwardly. 

"So, we're gonna leave in a couple hours, we're just all having having breakfast together." My mom says.

"Oh and Amelia this is Lilac my girlfriend." Lilac shrinks down and looks around nervously after my brother said that, and kissed her cheek.

"Girlfriend?" I cleared my throat. He nodded and smiled. I looked at Lilac with a raised eye brow, because as far as I know she is already dating one of Chris's friends... ugh I can't remember his name but she is cheating. She mouths a 'please' to me and I roll my eyes.

"Do you want to invite Chris for breakfast too?" My mom asks pulling out some waffles from a picnic basket.


"No." I simply say and Niall sighs in relief.

"Why not? You guys are great friends.. right." She says taking a bite. I shrug and glance at Niall.


"Um mom. You haven't fully met Niall." I gestured to him, I honestly just wanted to change the subject.

"Oh I'm so sorry. I'm Rachel." She says putting out her hand, he shakes it.

"I'm Niall. Her boyfriend." I almost choke on my waffle. I glare at him as he smirks. I know he knows that I'm attracted to him, but we are not exactly dating. Yeah.. we slept in the same bed, what does that make us?


"Oh. Amelia never told me she had a boyfriend." My mom says with a raised eye brow and smile.

"Um, we're gonna go for a swim before we leave. Lets go niall." I say tugging on his arm and before my mom can say anything else we both run behind a shed.


"What the hell?" I say.

"What?" He asks innocently.

"Hi I'm Niall her boyfriend." I mimick him."Why!" My voice rises.

"What else am I supposed to say? Hi I slept in the same bed with your daughter and I'm protecting her from everything!" He yells back.

"Well, anything else could've worked!" I yell.

"What like friends with benefits." He says.

"Yeah friends with-" Before I can say anything he leans down and smashes his lips into mine. Shocked I can't do anything but kiss back.


He pulls away and smiles.

"Boyfriend." I confirm.



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