The Angel And The Red Head (Niall Horan Love Story)

Amelia Pearson is your typical seventeen year old beauty. Yea, she's popular, but does she like that... no. But will a certain fallen Angel change her average life... Will Niall let her uncover secrets she didn't know about herself?


4. Crystal lake

"Are we almost there!" I whined like a five year old to my mum. She sighed in the driver's seat.

"Yes, we're almost there." She replied. I nodded and looked to the back seat where my brother was on his laptop. I bet he's playing some nerd game like world of warcraft.... or looking at porn. I'll just stick with the first option.


It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders when we pulled into the parking lot of the lake house. My dad usually rented out half of it, and we'd end up sharing it with another family. Usually my Aunt Karen would rent out the other half. This annoyed my mother because my Aunt was kind of a know it all, and potty mouth, but since they're in-laws they needed to be nice to each other.


I hopped out of the car and took a deep breath of fresh air. This location made me think of my dad. 


"C'mon Am!" Mason shouted. I stuck my tongue out at him, returning a scold from my mom about maturity. Then I grabbed my bag and skipped into the doors where you check in. Yea, there's a little check in area then two sets of stairs leading to divided parts of the house.


My heart stopped when I saw a blonde haired boy leaning over the counter scribbling words on a forum. No, no, no! He's going to ruin my vacation. 

"Hey isn't that your boyfrrrrieeend." Mason teased. I gulped and jumped behind my brother's tall figure, trying to hide from Niall. But when I peaked my head around he was already looking my way. Shit. I ducked behind Mason, but then of course he had to walk over to help my mom with her bags.


I felt like a mouse in a trap. Standing there awkwardly I scurried over to them, and Niall just smirked  his bag, heading up the left stair case. I sighed in relief but my heart rate still wasn't normal.

"You okay? You look like you've seen a ghost." Mason laughed, and I nervously laughed along with him. My mom turned to us with all our keys, yes on each part of the lake house there are rooms that are locked. At least you get privacy, that will defiantly come in handy when dealing with that Niall kid.


"Go get your bathing suits on, we're 'goin swimming." My mom said clapping her hands. Mason groaned, he probably wanted to go play on his phone or something. Mason and my mom took their bags and keys and started going up the right stair case. I sighed and started to follow them, but of course since I have zero coordination my bag fell down the steps spilling some of it's contents.


I groaned loudly and skipped to the bottom of the stairs to retrieve the bag. I began picking up the stuff that fell out, and shoving it in the bag.

"Need help there?" I jumped back when I heard the familiar Irish accent. I was in what you would call "crab walk" position on the floor. He towered over me with raised eye brows.

"N-no." Great, I stuttered. Now he knows I'm afraid of him. He didn't listen to me and crouched down putting the rest of the stuff in the bag.

"T-thanks." I said standing up."Now please leave me alone."


He laughed. Is he for real?

"I'm serious." I spoke interrupting him. His laughter died down and he looked me up and down, making me uncomfortable. I bent down quickly and grabbed my bag, grasping it tightly in both of my small hands.


"You can't get rid of me, babe." I cringed at the fact he called me babe. Lots of guys do when they're trying to be flirty, and I was used to that, but with him it just... I don't know he scares me!


"Actually I can." I said confidently.

"How?" He asked quite amused by my confidence. 

"Restraining order." He chuckled after I said that. Then without another word he turned around and walked back up the left stair case leaving me in confusion.






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