One Chance

This is Nicole Payne. This Nicole's life. This narrator is Nicole. I'm Nicole Payne, one direction broke up when I was young because of my mother's mistake. Want to learn more? Continue reading


8. Worries

~Nicole's POV~

Me and Louis were crying until I saw mom come out. "J-jail?" I said barely able to speak. " you heard?" " yes" Louis said with tears in his eyes. " well it's not happening Louis" " really?" " yes Nicole- but I am going to punish you" " anything! Just don't take Louis away from me!" " give me your phone" I gave it to her immediately " and when we get home, your laptop" " ok" " you won't touch or use them for the next 2 months" " ok!" " ok, get in the car" " bye Louis" " bye Nicole." I saw mom walk up to Louis and she started whispering to him, " calm down, it's ok you're not going anywhere. Would you like to come home with us? I don't think you should be driving with so much stress" " sure. Oh and Dani, thank you for saving me. You are one amazing woman" she smiled and we all got into the car, Louis called Harry to come and take his care back to his house. "Does dad know?" She sighed, "no. If your dad knew.... Then he would die" "yeah" " he was even scared when we started sleeping together.. And we were married! Imagine what he would do to you about this" "I don't want to think of it" Louis was silent until we reached the house. " now remember, act normal" we walked into the house and Loki was sitting on the couch. Liam magically appeared, "YOU TWO MADE OUT ON SCHOOL PROPERTY?!!!" " who told you that?!... Lie!" " it isn't lie dani! They made out and the principal called me and told me you denied any punishment!" "I punished our daughter ! Just not Louis!" Liam calmed down a bit " I'm sorry for yelling at you Danielle, but I made a decision. Nicole I never liked the fact of you two being together from the start, you are forbidden to see Louis again." " no! Please daddy!!" " he is 40! You are 20! It would have never worked out!" " it will!" Dad ignored me, "Louis get in my car I will drive you home." I turned to my dad " when did you turn into a bad guy?" I ran up the stairs crying my eyes out, and slammed everything in my way.

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