One Chance

This is Nicole Payne. This Nicole's life. This narrator is Nicole. I'm Nicole Payne, one direction broke up when I was young because of my mother's mistake. Want to learn more? Continue reading


3. Searching for the boys

"Ok text me if you see the boys ok?" "Ok lovely" I started to blush again, "I'll check half the city, you check the other" when I was walking out, I felt him smack my bum. I was blushing so hard more than ever. I had pictures of the boys on my phone so I checked every street for them until I spotted zayn. Zayn! " Zayn! ZAYN!!! it's me Nicole!!!" Zayn turned around and I jumped into his arms " Zayn!" "Can I ask who are you?" I got off him "sorry, I'm Liam Payne's  daughter Nicole Payne!" " nicole?! You grew up so fast!" I'm so happy I found zayn. " I need to tell louis!"  NICOLE ... I FOUND ZAYN LOUIS!  LOUIS... REALLY? THAT'S NICE.  NICOLE... HOW YOU DOING?  LOUIS... UM WELL I THINK I KNOW WHERE NIALL IS. NICOLE... THEN GO GET HIM!!!I WANT TO FINISH THIS ASAP!! LOUIS... OK,OK CAM YOUR TITS! NICOLE... DON'T MESS WITH ME LOUIS, IM SO EXCITED TO FIND THE BOYS K?! LOUIS... OK LOVE ILL GO CATCH UP WITH NIALL. NICOLE... YES!! GO!! GO NOW LOUIS BEFORE YOU LOSE HIM AND WHO IS LEFT?? LOUIS... LIAM AND HARRY, WE KNIW WHERE LIAM IS AND HARRY IS PROBABLY SLEEPING WITH ANOTHER GIRL THIS WEEK. NICOLE... OK THEN NOW WE JUST HAVE TO CHECK EVERY BED ON EARTH TO FIND HARRY! LOUIS... BYE NIKKI IM GONNA GO GET NIALL! NICOLE... BYE LOUIS  "I think he found Niall, now we need to find harry!" Zayn looked at me confused " what are you-" "look I want to get the band together ok? Work with me here!"  "... Shouldn't you be in school?" " I'm just skipping a few classes!" " what classes?" " um... Every class except lunch...."  He looked at me  "you really have to go back to college'' " this isn't about me! It's about you!"  " ok, Nikki. I saw Harry a few hours ago." " OH MY GOD! Where is he?!" " club..." " take me there!" " are you sure your dad would let me take you to club where everyone is like 10 years older than you?" "Who cares!" " ok fine lets go!" He took me to the club where you immediately find Harry with a stripper  on his lap and flirting with her "HARRY GET OVER HERE!"  he looked at me, and then he waved goodbye to the stripper. He walked over to me " you called me?" He pinned me to the wall and Zayn was trying hard not to laugh. " harry? Harry! I'm Nicole remember!" " really? My friend Liam has a girl named Nicole" " Harry I'm Nicole Payne!" He got off of me and started blushing " so sorry!" " it's okay! I'm so happy right now!" " why?" " I found you and Zayn! And Louis found Niall!" "Louis? Haven't seen him in a while" " I want you guys to come back as a band!" " sorry I'm not totally interested" " what? Why?" " I finally got a break from all the screaming girls and can be normal!" "Are you serious?!" "Yes, nicole" " I can't believe you" " look if I changed my mind, I'll call you" he gave me his number and Zayn gave me his. " you two zayn?" " I kinda think Harry is right" what ever" I ran out of the club and went to find Louis and Niall. I finally met them at Nando's where i saw Niall stuffing his face with food "hbi nijole!" At least he remembers me " Niall don't talk with your mouth full" Louis looked at me in confusion "where is zayn?" " I found him and Harry they gave me there numbers and said they might join the band again" " oh well, Niall is in to it" " really? Yeah!!" I hugged Niall and kissed his cheek " thank you niall!" " what about me?" I went up to Louis and instead of kissing his cheek I accidentally kissed his lips again. We stared in to each others eyes and continued the kiss. " AWWWWWW"  I forgot we were in a restaurant with Niall. " so you really want to come back?'" Niall nodded his head and we all walked to Louis's house. " ok Niall mind sleeping on the couch?" " nah I love the couch and the couch loves me" "ok then" I poked Louis " in where do I go" "you" he wrapped an arm around me and said " will be sleeping with me" I was blushing " sounds good" Niall looked at us " this is going to be very interesting " Louis threw a pillow at him. It's normal for me to date a 39 year old right? well I like him and now it's clear to me that he likes me too. It was night and I'm a bit nervous to sleep with louis.i wore a long shirt and I guess I must have dropped the shirts that go with it, so I kept holding it down which was a pain. Louis was in his boxers " if you want I could wear a shirt" " it's ok it's your house" I was hopping he would understand that, 'at least put some pants on'. " ok then , come here" he said smiling. I guess he didn't understand. " Nicole ?" "Yeah?""are you....wearing pants?" " I forgot them okay? It's not like your wearing any!" "Ha,true " i realized that, that meant were basically sleeping together naked.....well except my shirt.....  He wrapped his arms around me bringing me closer to his body and we drifted to sleep.  When I woke up, he was gone. I got up and went to Niall . " Niall where  is louis?" He was quiet until I realized he was looking at my underwear, so I quickly pulled down my shirt and he started talking, " he went to his new job" "what job?" " I don't know"  " I better go get ready for school then"  " nicole, raise your hands for a sec" I raised my hands " sure why?" I realized again he was looking at my underwear again "you pervert!" He was drooling now. I ran into Louis room and changed my clothes and drove to school where I met up my Sidney who is my BFF at school because lux goes to a different school. Sidney ran up to me she looked really happy. " why are you so happy?" " you know the teacher we have for 3 periods?!" " mrs.andrews?" " she got fired!" " really?!" "Yes!  She was caught making out with the science teacher!" " are you kidding?" " no! And the no guy is completely hot!" " how old is he?" " I think probably 22" "he is older than us by 2 years?!" " yeah!" " this is awesome! A hottie at our school!" 

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