One Chance

This is Nicole Payne. This Nicole's life. This narrator is Nicole. I'm Nicole Payne, one direction broke up when I was young because of my mother's mistake. Want to learn more? Continue reading


4. School "hottie"

" finally period 1!" Sidney said "2 hours and half, of hotness!" " calm down Sidney, I'm sure he is not tha-" my heart stopped for 10 seconds. " hello!" " LOUIS?!!" "no way! you know the hottie?!" "Sidney..." I starting whispering,  " I'm dating him" "WHAT!?" she was jumping and about to scream "OMG! OMG! OMG! YOU'RE SO LUCKY!" "Sshh! I want to keep our relationship going!" " before we go to class"  he kissed me. We went into the classroom and started calling names. "Nicole Payne?" I raised my hand. " well, it's nice to meet you- for the first time." He leaned over my desk and rubbed our noses together " louis! Not now!" I whispered and Sidney was giggling a bit. " sorry love" he whispered back. " now class please take out your homework from last night that your old teacher gave you. " we took out the homework. "Nicole will you please put answer 1 on the board?" "I'll be happy to Loui- mr.tomlinson" " class look at the back of the class for slackers" everyone looked back and he slapped my butt. "Love you" " love you too lou" I started writing on the board fast before everyone looked back at the board. He called in on other people to put some up . Michael the kid who sits next to me started whispering to me," what's up with you and mr. Tompson? " "it's mr. Tomlinson!" "Whatever what's up" "nothing! He is just a really hot teacher!" " sureee" "why?" " don't tell Chris, but he really likes you" " why? Because I'm Liam Payne's daughter?" " no because he thinks your hot" " gross" " what's so gross?" " we'll for one thing, he's Chris" " he's dated like 5 girls this year!" "I don't care Michael" " well, he is gonna ask you out" " ...." Now I wish I had Louis for 4 periods knowing math is next and Chris is there.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I saw Chris sit behind me smiling, I hoped he would go away. He passed me a note: HEY NIKKI :) WHAT CHRIS? HOW ABOUT AFTER MATH, WE MEET NEAR MY LOCKER?;) NO CHRIS, I DON'T WANT TO AND IM TAKEN. BY WHO? ... I realized this is the perfect way to stop people from thinking me and Lou are dating.  YOU KNOW WHAT CHRIS? I'LL MEET YOU BY THE LOCKER. GREAT :)  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After math I went to Louis and explained everything to Louis and then ran to Chris's locker. " hey Nicole"  "hi Chris" " you look really pretty" "thanks" " so are you single?" "Um, duh" " want to get out of that area?" " I guess" he grabbed my waist and kissed me. I pulled away. " what's wrong?" " I- I can't do this!" " can't do what?" " I'm not single ! Ok?!" I walked away and kept thinking, 'your stupid, that was your only chance to keep you and Louis safe. I ran into Louis class room not caring what class was there. " mr. Tomlinson! I need to talk to you!" We walked out of the class " what's wrong?" " why did you take a stupid job here?!" " um, I've been working here sometimes as a sub because I was bored without the band!" " really?" " yes. I've been here for like, 4 months" " I'm sorry" " it's ok, just get to class" " okay" I looked around the hallway and then quickly gave Louis a hug.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After school, Sidney kept jumping up and down about me and louis. " I can't believe it! Your Louis Tomlinson?!" " yes I am." " this is just so crazy!" " not really..." " louis, I'm sorry I didn't continue with the Chris thing" " I'm actually happy it didn't work out" " aww baby" I felt my phone vibrate I opened it up to hear daddy: "nicole! Thank god you answred!" "Daddy are you ok?" " I've called you like 27 times! " " I'm fine, I'm with Louis and Niall" " your friends?" He wants us to be friends. Uh oh. " um, yeah of course, I'm. Not stupid!" "  well, as ling as your with someone safe, I guess it's ok" " I love you daddy!" " yeah, we all love daddy when he gives you what you want" Sidney yelled into my ear " hi mr.payne!!!!" " oh um, I hi Sidney" " how did you know it was me?" " well your the only girl I know who is louder than a thunder storm mixed with the titanic's screaming passengers." " aww thanks mr Payne!!!!!" I felt as if I've gone deaf after that. " bye daddy" " Nikki, wait" " yeah dad?" " I'm coming to Louis house to talk you you okay?" " great see you there" " bye" " bye sweetie" I hung up. I turned to Louis. "we've got a problem" "what?" " daddy is coming to check up on us" " so?" "I'm not sure he would want us to date" " Nicole, if he loves you, he will let you live your life the way you want with who you want" " Louis, I want you"  "AWWWWWWWW" I forgot Sidney was there. " um Sidney, shouldn't you be getting home?" "I see what's going on, I'll go shopping with lux, bye you two love birds!" " bye Sidney." We held hands all the way home and pulled Niall out of the kitchen .  " we should really put him on a diet" Louis nodded his head. A few minutes later, we heard some one knocking at the door. I bet it's daddy. Aaaaannnnddddd, I'm wrong it was Harry. " hi Harry" " hi Nikki, can I talk to you in private?" " sure" we went to Louis room. " I'm really sorry what happened at the club" " it's ok Harry" "no it's not" " what?" " if you didn't tell me you were Liam's daughter, I would have probably kissed you..." " kissed me?" " probably done even more" " Harry how about a deal" " what?" " I'll give you a kiss, if you come back to the band" "...... Deal" I gave him a long kiss and was so happy I've got two more boys in the band! " thanks for coming back harry" " no, thank you" we walked out and the door bell rang and now it's daddy. "Hi dad!" I hugged him and kissed his cheek. " hello darling, ..... Niall,Louis,Harry" " hello Liam" Niall said. Liam looked at me and Louis "Louis , I've been told you've got a job at my daughter's school" "that's true" " I've also got a call from the school that some students reported that they have caught a bit of romance between you to." " what?! That's not true!" Louis said. " then why is your hand on my daughter's bum?" "It's not!" He said. " Louis, your right hand" " um well... Um" " save it, come on Nikki" " dad! You can't do this!" " I don't my daughter dating a man who's older than me!" " but we love each other! You broke up the band for mom! All I did was kiss him on school territory!" " ... Thats.... That's different. I love your mother but love.... You love him....." " are you ok ?" " your growing up so fast.... You used to be an adorable  baby, that's why we stopped the band so I can always be there for you" " why? Couldn't you be there for me and be there for the band?" " you have been blessed with me and your mother Danielle, but if I kept the band, I would never been able to keep our amazing relationship."  "I really do like our father-daughter relationship... And maybe I've been really mean to my mom,  which I feel really bad about!" " I will report back to the school saying this whole romance never happened"  " thanks Liam" " no problem Louis." " and daddy I guess I should tell you.... We already slept together." " both half naked" I whispered to Louis that he shouldn't have added that part. " I'm going to pretend you never said that Nicole" Liam said as he started leaving.

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