One Chance

This is Nicole Payne. This Nicole's life. This narrator is Nicole. I'm Nicole Payne, one direction broke up when I was young because of my mother's mistake. Want to learn more? Continue reading


9. No More Payne

I watched Louis outside my window crying, he blew me a kiss, I caught it. I buried my face in my pillow and had to switch it because It was all wet. My mom came in and cried with me.


I walked into school and everyone gave me weird looks. "Sidney!" " Nicole! I'm so glad you came to school!" " why wouldn't i?" "You haven't seen?" "What?!" " twitter" I opened twitter and I saw all these tweets directed to me:

CarolXOXO> #sl*t

Mitch😜> you would actually make out with him you bi*ch?

Jessiisbeast> eeeewwww your so gross!!!

Kit ramarez> ok he is hot,really hot but did you have to that? #sl*t

JeNeIe :*> #sl*t

Jason546> #sl*t

I couldn't continue reading those, it hurt so much. I looked around and everyone was laughing at me. I cried and Sidney held me. "Let's go" "w-what?" " we'll skip school today" I nodded and ran out. We walked outside and told her everything. "No!" "Yes! He did!" "Come on then!!!" "Where?" " Louis! Duh!" " what?! I can't go! " "shut up, butthead!!!" She grabbed my hand took me to Louis house. I soon started running with her until we finally made it to his door. She knocked the door and rang the bell a thousand times until he opened the door. "Yes- Nicole ?!" I hugged him and started kissing him, he hugged me back. " boobear" "why are you here?" "You. Your the reason. And Sidney dragged me here" " well, if your parents new, they would kill you!" I sighed "I think I know what will do. " "what?" I grabbed his hand and took him to the balcony all the way up. "Look" he looked up. "It's beautiful. " "yes it is. Earth is beautiful with its mountains, oceans, and it's animals." I told him. "Its.. The people who make it ugly" " we turned to see buildings being created. " yeah,the people they destroy this gift without even noticing it, leaving animals and people without homes and destroying... Earth itself to make discoveries" I said. " but, what's the use of making discoveries about earth when it's breaking mountains, burning land and taking earth down. One day, all these discoveries will be no use because will be nothing" " true. Very true Louis" "i... I don't want this anymore" " what lou?" " I don't want to live in a world of pain" "me neither" " maybe we should move to like another country, maybe there, there might be more happiness for the both of us" " or maybe we can just jump" "jump? You mean kill ourselves Nicole?" " yes Louis. Suicide" " but why?" " pain, hunger, destruction- it's too much. Too much to think about." " but what about the band?" " maybe it was destined to be broken. I was stupid to think I could bring them together" " yeah. But you're not stupid" "do you want to do this Lou?" " if you do" I walked inside and started writing a note explaining everything and played music on the radio. " I don't want to be separated from you" " me nether- but we won't be anymore" he grabbed my hand and we stood on the balcony looking down. "Ready?" He sighed and saw the Tears in my eyes "y-yeah" "3,....2..............1" we jumped and saw the street slowly coming near.

~Sydney's POV~

I was waiting for Nicole and Louis. Why were they taking so long? I was about to go inside to check on them... When I saw something coming down. "No.... No!" " Nicole, louis! What are you doing?!" They couldn't hear me. "NICOLE !!! LOUIS!!!! STOOOPP!" It was too late I covered my eyes until I heard a large splat. Tears were rolling down my eyes fast and heavy. "N-Nicole? L-ll- Louis?" I saw a huge puddle of blood. I called mrs. Payne " Hello? Sidney?" "MRS PAYNE! PLEASE COME QUICK! N-Nnn-Nicole just, just" I started crying even more. "Sidney honey!? Breath, tell me what's the matter with Nicole?" " lllllooouuuuuuuuiiiiiiss, and uh, Louis house!!! Suicide! " "SUICIDE?! IM COMING"

A few minutes later, mrs Payne was here and tears rolled down here face when she saw her daughter on the floor dead. "NICOLE!" the blood was dry now and mrs Payne sat next to her daughter crying I came to join her. Nothing will be the same anymore. Nothing.


A/N please know that suicide is never the answer no matter what I really hope this chapter didn't give you any ideas to do so, because the world does have problems but you can get through it with others. Don't ever let it come to suicide.

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