One Chance

This is Nicole Payne. This Nicole's life. This narrator is Nicole. I'm Nicole Payne, one direction broke up when I was young because of my mother's mistake. Want to learn more? Continue reading


2. Meeting Louis

I finally made it to his house. Louis's house. "Omg!" I ran to the door and rang the door bell, like 50 times. "Louis! Louis!" He opened the door " can I help you- Nicole?  Is that you?!" " Louis you remember me?" He looks exactly the same he didn't change at all! " of course you were the second cutest baby I've ever seen!" " second?" "Yeah, first is lux " I know lux she is like one of my best friends, but she is older than me. "I guess you might be right"  " won't you come in, young lady?" "Thank you, good sir" I blushed and laughed a bit as I walked in.  " nice place... Except why is it so dirty?" " you can't expect me to be clean" " then I wont" " so what's wrong Nicole? " " what happened why did you guys break up?" " well, Eleanor spent more time- " "no, I'm talking about one direction" " you see. Liam really loved your mother and he wanted to keep her forever but the band got I'm his way" " but that's not fair! What about all your fans? Don't you miss them?" " I do, I really do it's just without Liam we are not one direction" " it's all my moms fault! Why does she get in the way of everything?! I just want - " I felty self slip over some of his clothes, but luckily Louis was able to help me before I fell onto the hard floor " thanks louis" I said, I know I was blushing really hard and I couldn't stop. I guess he noticed to, because he was smiling at me and said, "you look like a ripe tomato!" I was lost in his eyes "huh?" "You ok nicole?" " um, yeah, yeah, um I'm fine" he did a quick chuckle and then he pulled me closer to him until there was no room between us and I wrapped my arms around his neck. We kissed. I kissed Louis Tomlinson ! He put me down on the couch " sorry " " no I'm sorry! But that was..." "Nice?" "More than nice, louis" " I know I'm a good kisser" " um, ah I think we should get back on the subject, the band?" " yes the band, we tried to stop Liam from making a huge mistake he just Ignored us" " why?" " because he was deeply in love with your mother " " that's stupid" " well, love will make you do crazy things " "I hear you"  " why are you worrying about the band?" " because I just care and I want you guys to be friends, no, brothers again! Please help!" " ok love, I wouldn't mind seeing the other lads again" I hugged him so tight " thank you! Thank you so much this is the best thing ever!" He hugged me back " oh and I'm gonna have to stay here with you" " I'm cool with that" " ok then" 

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