One Chance

This is Nicole Payne. This Nicole's life. This narrator is Nicole. I'm Nicole Payne, one direction broke up when I was young because of my mother's mistake. Want to learn more? Continue reading


7. Lux's Plan

After I found out Sidney's secret I don't think I could handle but go tell Harry! So, I ran to Louis's house where all the boys were staying except for daddy. "HAROLD!!" I jumped onto him making us fall to the ground. " owch!! Nicole!! What?" " Sidney has a crush on you!!!!" " isn't Sidney your friend?" " no!! My best friend" " .... She likes me?" "Yeah!" " I don't know if I date someone that young" " oh COME ON, you would probably date 13 year olds at this age!" " I am 37! That is a huge age difference!" " oh shush" " ..." " you know, you might start liking her one day" " suuuree" when I went to the living room, Louis was hugging lux, and Lux looked at me and tried to wave her hand, because was holding her tight. " hey... Nicole, can you get him off me?!" " kk" I wrapped my hands around Louis waist and I started to pull, " come on Louis, don't suffocate her!" Louis let go of lux and she took in a deep breath. I laughed and Niall walked up to her, " Horan hug?" She sighed and hugged him and he hugged her back. "Where's Harry ?" Louis asked me. " he is upstairs-" "LUX! IS THAT YOU?" " Harry!" He ran up to her and picked her up and hugged her, " you've grown so much!" " oh so you don't care when she hugs you? " I said and LOUIS turned to me "what?" " nothing Lou" " So why am I here?" At that moment Liam walked in and looked at lux. " Baby lux?" "Yeah Liam" " you're... A really big kid" " um not sure if that's a compliment." Lux said and I had to laugh. "Oops- I didn't mean you were fat!" " ha, it's ok" "do your parents actually wear this shorts to school?" "Yeah why?" " um well they look really short, like are you sure does are not a pair of jean panties " " Liam. I never thought I would hear you say something like that. I'm used to you saying rated E things" "haha." Liam said sarcastically. "Hey daddy" "hey sweetie" i hugged him and then we let go. " listen boys-and girls I have news" "what?!" " I found the perfect song" " what is it?" "Well, it goes by the name.... Forever Young" Louis started singing "'I wanna be forever young?' Why that song?" " yeah Liam it's kinda... Old." Niall said stuffing his face with Doritos "but, once we get the band back together... We will be forever" we all stopped to think but lux then blurted out "OVER AGAIN!" We turned to her confused. " you know the song um.... You know Louis you sang in it um... 'Wether were together or apart we can both remove the masks and admit we regret it from the start' and Liam you sang ' tongue tied over three words curse running over thoughts that made my feet hurt' remember??" " yeah I liked that song." Harry said. " how about you sing forever young and over again at... The beach!!!!!!" "That's not a bad idea" said Zayn. "You know that could work!" I said " lux, your a genius!" "Yes, yes I know"


We stayed up all night making posters that me and Louis and lux might have been late to get to our schools. " COME ON LOUIS! START THE CAR!" "OK, OK COME DOWN NICOLE!" lux and I were waiting for Louis to comb his fair and get in the car. When he finally did, we first went to drop off lux at school, " bye!" " bye lux" we said.we made just in time for school and Louis let me go into the classroom first and waited 5 minutes at the door to come in. " hello class, I'm sorry I kept you waiting I had to get.. Bagels" what is up with him and bagels? " it's ok mr. Sexyinson" I heard Vanessa say in the back i turned and gave her shark eyes. "Ok then..." Louis said. He started writing some sentences and all that junk on the board. I just stared and waited for class to be over


" oh mr. Tomlinson" I called from my desk after everyone left the room. " yes Nicole?" I kissed him and he picked me up and carried me to his large desk and laid me down. He crawled on top of me and wrapped my arms around his neck and continued to kiss. You would hear some 'mmms' and some moans because he is one heck of a kisser! I felt him start playing with my hair. I didn't care I would miss lunch for this. Every 4 minutes or so we would let go and breath. He pushed his hands in and out of my shirt letting more moans. Trust me, nothing SO sexual is happening we are not going to have sex here. We just stayed there in that position and enjoyed this because really, nothing felt better. "MR.TOMLINSON!" we both felt like we were having a heart attack when we saw the principal! How did we not hear the door open?! "Sir!" Louis was red, like really red. " what are you to doing?!" " I was choking on paper and mr. Tomlinson gave me mouth to mouth!" " I'm not stupid. Tomlinson In my office. You" he pointed at me."wait outside my office" dad is going to kill me when he finds out what happened. I started to cry a bit and Louis came out. " what happened" " I... Got fired- but it's ok you know cause the band is getting back together" he hugged me and kissed my forehead before I walked in to the principal's office. "I'm going to call your father" " no! Please don't he will kill me!" "I'm sorry but I have to" " I've been a good student can't we just let this slip?" " look I'd it was something little that would be fine but this.... A relationship with your TEACHER? He is older than you by 10 years or so!" No I'm 20 he is 39 it is just 9.." " I'm sorry Nicole I have too"


I heard the door open. Oh God please help me- " hello I'm here for Nicole?" Mom? Oh my god it's mom! " hi... Mom?" " hey sweet heart." I'll take care of this just sit outside. I did what mom said and sat next to Louis. " where's Liam?" I smiled and I made a huge sigh, " not here." " what?" " mom is here" Louis looked at me and calmed down. " thank god" " if my dad came, we would both have been dead!" "Come on" we both put our ears next to the door and listened.

~ Danielle's POV ~

"Sir I know my daughter would never do something like this" " mrs. Payne-" "call me Danielle" " Danielle, I seem your daughter and mr. Tomlinson, making out on the teacher's desk, which is let me remind you our school's property!" " sir, please Louis is a very dear friend of my mine, our family has known him for years but Nicole, only seen him for a year or two in her life. She must of been just very excited to find out her teacher was Louis. " " Danielle this is not acceptable" " I know" " you may decide your choice about will happen. Will you would like to keep Louis and Nicole from seeing each other, getting him fired or will you send Louis to jail?" When he said jail I was shocked. " jail? You must be kidding" " I'm not, this is serious" I was mad. Not only at Nicole but at him but I'm not letting him do this. " I'm sorry I'm not choosing any of those. My daughter will be punished but I'm not punishing Louis he is like a brother to me" " Danielle,-" " don't call me Danielle, go back to calling me mrs. Payne" he pounded the desk with his hand " ... Mrs. Payne! Your just making this harder! And what has happened in that classroom is illegal!" " well too bad." " mrs. Payne I'm in control,not you-" " I'm beautiful, married and famous. I think I'm the one who is in control" " well here, I am!" I got up to the door. " forget it."

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