One Chance

This is Nicole Payne. This Nicole's life. This narrator is Nicole. I'm Nicole Payne, one direction broke up when I was young because of my mother's mistake. Want to learn more? Continue reading


1. Beginning

I'm Nicole Payne. No I'm not married to Liam Payne or his sister, gross. I'm his daughter. My mom married him while he was in a band called "one direction" apparently,the band broke up  last year because my dad wanted to spend time with my mom.  I'm mad at mother for doing that, because that band was once called, 'the best boy band on earth!' Now, I can't even walk outside without paparazzi talking  a hundred stupid pictures! I know what your thinking, "boy, this girl is so grouchy and annoying" but, that's not true... The only I am like this is because I look back at all those pictures of one direction and I see this cute boy, people said he was the sassiest in the band his name was Louis Tomlinson, I guess it's weird to like someone who is like 18 years older than you, but he just looked so amazing.  He was 19 when the i was born  I'm 20 now so  he must be 39 oh that's a huge age difference. " Nicole are you in here?" I heard my mom calling for me. " what mom?" "Can I come in?" " .... I don't think I have a choice" " your dinner is getting cold come down stairs" "I'm not hungry" " you need to eat, you have been up here for hours!" " I went to the side of my bed and pulled out two empty cereal boxes "see? I've been eating, now please leave me alone" she looked at me with those stupid innocent eyes " honey, he had no choice but to leave the band" " yes he did! He could have waited until he was ready to marry you!" " that's not true, Nicole!" " just go away! We've have been over this a million times! I hate you so much!" After I realized what I just said I felt terrible, like a monster. " no mom that's not true. I love you.... I'm so sorry I didn't mean that" I went up to hug her, but she walked away. Probably gonna tell my dad.  You know how tiring this is? Having to live with the reason you can't even meet the one you love? Well, not anymore. I guess now that I gave company I can go get some information about Louis and meet him ! I'm so excited! I'll go to his house and just stay there for a couple of weeks to get the truth! I want to know what couldn't my dad handle and how to fix all of this! With you people here I won't be alone! This could be my only chance to finally be free. " Nicole. I think we need to talk" that was my dad. He is always sweet and loving and knows what to do, well probably he knows what to do sometimes. "Yes, daddy?" " that wasn't very nice what you said to your  mother" "I know, I tried to hug her but she ran away from me" " where you two talking about the band?" "Yes" " that explains it" "dad?" " yes Nikki?" That was his nickname for me " why did you guys have me at such a young age? Couldn't you wait until you were like 32 or something? "  " Nicole, I know what you want" "what? Cause I'm really confused about what I want and what I need" " you want Louis,  you need the band" " yes, I guess that's true. Daddy? Do you know where he is?" He lives like on Kevinisgreat street  A/N I love Kevin the pigeon!  " really? That's kinda far" "it is far, but if you take car and go like really fast  you would make it there, why would you ask?" I grabbed my phone and jacket stuffed some things in my purse and started running out, " because I'm going there!" "NICOLE!" I ran to the car started it up, and started going fast. Here I come louis".

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