By Your Side

Madelyn Jones is a girl wild at heart and the “do everything and regret nothing” type, so partying every Friday night with all her friends is a regular thing for her. But when trouble comes her way one night at a party and she’s left at her weakest, no one’s there to help her. Except for one guy who she’s never met. But when this mysterious guy becomes a big part of Madelyn Jones life and becomes (maybe) a little too involved, mistakes are made down the road and things change.
But hey, don’t we all make mistakes? That’s a hard question for Maddie to answer down the road with five important boys in her life now, and she starts to ask herself if it really was a mistake that they were all put in her already spontaneous life? Will she keep striving for the life she wants or will she finally give up and say no more?


1. Nightmare of a Memory

I woke up in my bed panting and out of breath. My head was aching from a severe headache I felt coming on. I must’ve been screaming in my dream.. Thank God it wasn't real... this time anyways. These nightmares have been haunting me for the last 5 months, ever since I lost practically everyone I had. All my friends, my family, everyone, were just gone. I look over to my right to find  Zayn awakening next to me. My screaming must have woke him up. This boy, my boyfriend, my best friend, and what i hoped to be my forever love is the only reason i feel to be living right now.  My world would be pointless if it weren't for him. Or that’s what I thought for now, anyways.

    You see, I used to be a party animal. Five months ago I used to be a reckless, crazy, careless 16 year old with no worries. My only concerns were my best friends, getting drunk, and boys. You may be disappointed in this, too. Trust me, I regret it everyday because it is what led me to jail. And then to my bail out, which is where I met Luke. Everything changed from there, let me tell you.



**Flashback- 5 months back**



“RIINNGGGGGG” the school bell screams out, freeing us from this torture called school. Suddenly, I get a message on my phone.


Evelynn: Meet me in the front asap. Exciting news!


It was my best friend, Evelynn, who I’ve known since I can even remember. We were basically the same person in two different bodies. Except she had long brown hair unlike my wavy blonde locks. I walked my up to the front of the school to see what she had us in for this time. I didn’t even bother getting my books. Typical me, though. When I got there, Jade, our other best friend, was there too.

“Soooo guess who’s having a smashing party tonight?” Evelynn asked us.

“Hmm, let me guess? This doesn’t have anything to do with your boyfriend Josh, that you’re overly obsessed with, does it?” Jade asked. “Yes, Jay-Jay, actually it does. Josh’s friend is throwing it tonight and we’re going!” Suprise, suprise. Nothing new on our schedual. We’re always doing stuff like this. But Jade, being the shy one of the group, isn’t always in favor of this kind of stuff. Evelynn is the “leader”, if you will, and always kind of talks us into this crazy stuff. And then there’s me, who just kind of goes with it all. It’s not just because I want to fit in, but in my defence, I actually kind of like all the crazy times we share together. Even if we are sometimes overly obnoxious or annoying. These girls are my sisters and I love them.

“Well? You guys are in, right?” Evelynn asks. “HEck yah, I’m in! Time for some flirty fun!” is all I say. And so, as always, Jade is forced to join the fun because thats just how it always goes.


After getting ready at my house, we’re out the door and driving over to the house. I pull up and the house is huge! Way bigger than I’d imagined. We could hear the music blasting from inside the car and we were already super pumped. “Let’s go girls!” Evelynn jumps out of the car instantly. I have to push Jade out so I could lock the car. “I don’t have a good feeling about this, Maddie.” she says to me. “Well you just need a little alcohol. That’ll help a bunch. You’re just nervous, don’t worry! Let loose!” I say back, handing her a red cup. Then I run and catch up with Evelynn on the dance floor. “Whoo! You made it!” she screams above the music. We danced and let loose for a while until I got really thirsty. I went to go get a drink, but instead, I clumsily bumped into someone. “Damn it! Watch out man!” I exclaimed, feeling stupid. But when I looked up and saw him, instantly I regretted what I said. His face was godly. “Uh- I mean, er-, well,” “No, my bad. Sorry doll.” he chuckled. Man did he have a beautiful voice. “Here, let me help you with that.” He reached out and got me another drink. I just stood there blushing like an idiot, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “Thanks.” “Don’t mention it. So you having fun?” “Hell yeah! Wait.. do I know you?” I said, taking a sip of my drink. The alcohol had been setting in already, but it wasn’t enough for me to not remember anything tomorrow. “Well, no, but maybe you’ve seen my face around before? I’m Zayn Malik from One Direction.” he said with a slight smirk. I nearly shit my pants after that. “Wait, what? Oh my- so that’s.. uh.. right. Oh wow!” was all I could barely speak. Why didn’t I notice this in the first place? Must’ve been the drinking. He chuckled to himself. “You want to dance?” he asked me. “Of course I do!” I nearly fell off my knees when he asked. His dark, handsome figure took my hand and led us to the dancefloor yet again. We started moving to the music together. It was almost as if we were made to go together perfectly. In the midst of all the hot, dirty dancing, the people making out around us, and the smell of beer roaming the air, Zayn started whispering in my ear. “You’re really good at this, you know? By the way, I never got your name?” he asked. “I get that alot,” i smiled a stupid grin back. “And it’s Madelyn. You can call me Maddie.” Damn, was I falling hard for this guy or what?! I think he like me, too. “Madalyn,” he said to himself. “It’s cute” he said allowed. I didn’t really know what to say so we just kept dancing.

    Suddenly I heard a bang. Was that a gunshot? Screaming was all around me, and there were a few shuddering cries from all around. “What’s happening!?” I exclaimed looking around for my two best friends. “I don’t know, but we have to get out of here!”  Zayn grabbed my arm a tugged me away from the dance floor. Wait! But I had to get my friends and make sure they were okay! “Zayn! No, wait!’ I yelled. I jerked away from his grasp. A few more gunshots rang out. My ear were ringing, there was just too much going on tonight! Jade was right about her bad feeling. Oh man, I really should have listened to her! “Jade! Eve!” Damn it, where were they! I ran downstairs into the living room, and there he stood. I don’t know who he was or what he wanted, but there stood my lifelong best friend right in front of the masked bandit with a gun pointed straight at her head. “EVELYNN!!” I screamed with all I had. Jade ran up right behind me. “God Madelyn! I found you. What’s going on? Where’s Evel- Oh shit!” Zayn finally caught up and as I turned around and saw him right behind me, there was another gunshot.

It was like a slow motion movie as I turned my head around back to the scene. The masked man was gone finally, but my best friend, the only one who knew me the best in this world, the one I could share all my secrets to, was lying on the ground with a pool of blood surrounded her head. “Noo!” I shrieked and yelled and screamed. It didn’t stop either. “FUCK! NO! SHIT!” Hot steamy tear were streaking my face now, my face was probably a wreck. Hell, I was a wreck, and my whole life was now going down the gutter. My BEST FRIEND was DEAD. I ran over to her and picked up her head with shaking hands, still bawling and screaming. Zayn and Jade ran over too, both surrounding me and my now dead friends corpse. “We better get out of here before he comes back,” Zayn said. But I didn’t hear him. I was too lost at what just occurred. “Come on, Maddie,” “NO! I’m not leaving her!” I turned around yelling up in both of their faces. But then the unexpected happened. Jade actually got up in my face. She never did this. “Look miss Madelyn Jones, none of this would have ever fucking happened if you guys would’ve just listened to me in the beginning! I fucking told you I had a bad feeling about this party thing, but noo, that didn’t mean a shit to you. All you wanted was your little fix of ‘fun and games’. Well I’ll tell ya, Maddie, here’s your ‘fun and games’! I Hope you're pleased with yourself now! There’s no going back now!” And that was the last I ever heard of my friend Jade, before she stormed off and left. That was the end of that. By now everyone from the party was crowded around. Everyone had been watching. I fell to my knees and lost it, breaking down in front of everyone. I was numb to everything around me by now. I hadn’t even noticed that Zayn was still there. He must’ve felt my pain and loss of what to do, because next thing I know I’m being picked up bridal style and carried outside into his car. On the drive, I am calmed by an overwhelming fog and darkness that takes over my body and puts me into a deep, horrific, nightmare of a sleep.

When I wake up in the morning, it’s already 11 am. I Iook around confused. Where am I? Then I see a sweet sleeping Zayn next to me in bed. He must have taken me to his place, since I fell asleep in the car. Oh well, it’s not like where I came from was much more important. Then all the memories of last night come flooding back, and along with that- the tears too. This must have woke Zayn up, because his eyes flutter open and turn to look at me. He sits himself up and scoots closer to me, embracing my being in a big hug. “There, there, everything will be alright. You're safe now Madelyn.” he gently caresses my hair. I didn’t feel like discussing this so I just kept crying. It wasn’t just last night which scared me. I didn’t know if Zayn understood that I had just lost a best friend. Two, actually. My family wasn’t really an option, being that they didn’t even care who I was. They weren’t ever home anyways. I had just lost everything. Zayn gently kissed my cheek and wiped a tear from my face. “What am I to do now, Zayn?” “Well you can stay here for a while if you want?” he offered. I considered it, and eventually took the offer. “But how long is ‘a while’?” I wondered. “Well however long you’d like. I honestly don’t mind.


**End of flashback**

    And so that’s how it’s been, ever since the crime scene. Yes, my world went to chaos, but Zayn and I had become very close in the time given. He actually asked me out three weeks into my stay. Even though I may not have been fully recovered from all the loss in my life, I still said yes. I soon moved in with him. He keeps me grounded for the most part. In fact, he’s the only thing that gives me purpose anymore these days. And I can safely say that our friendship has grown in the last 5 months, which comforts me a little more everyday. The nightmares come to me most nights. The other nights are usually ones that I get no sleep at all because I worry too much that everything was my fault. The last words that Jade said to me convince me even more that it was my fault. All I can do now is be thankful that I met Zayn that night though. He is my rock, my angel, my love, and now basically my life.  


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