Feel the Beat

A story about love,laughs,and boys,this is probably gonna be really weird,but I hope you still love it.


1. Introduction

"YOOO,SEXY,GET YOUR BOOTY OVER HERE!" I yelled at  Ash,getting weird looks from people. "Sup,my favorite perv." Ash said giggling. "So, what are you doing at the mall,I thought shopping was the core of all evil to you?" "Well,my jeans finally got enough hole in them, and besides, I heard their selling hair dye half off, and God knows I need a new color."I said staring on the other side of the mall,seeing a contest to win tickets to a concert for some random washed up band. "Stop staring into space,did you even hear what I said, Nikki?" Oh,yeah,I'm Nikki,by the way. I have short light blue hair and blue eyes.I love boys, and want to travel world wide.My best friends are Ash,Tikky,and Cameron. Basically, I'm a misfit who loves to draw,flirt, and laugh.Carry on and read,as I reveal the rest of my life,chapter by chapter, page by page, and remember the weird things are the best things.

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