Feel the Beat

A story about love,laughs,and boys,this is probably gonna be really weird,but I hope you still love it.




Full Name: Alastor Axis Kirkland

Hobby:Personal Stuff

Height: 6'1

(Physical) Age: 20 (maturity age: 12)

Sex: Male

Appearance:  Red hair,tan skin, multiple ear piercings,nose piercing,eyebrow piercings, golden brown eyes

Secret Obsession: comics

Personality: Comes off mean at first, but once you get to know him,he acts like family.Flirty,too

Back story: doesn't like to talk about it

Motto: Whatever happens,happens








Full Name: Natalia Rayna Vargas

Hobby:Drawing and flirting

Height: 5'7

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Secret Obsession: One Direction

Apperance: Light blue pixie cut hair,pale skin, almost always blushing,Blue eyes

Personality: Loud and outgoing, she will flirt with anything that is human

Back story: Best friends with her mother,until she died when Nikki was 6,Nikki stopped talking for a short time period,which she does not remember, and didn't continue talking until she was 10

Motto: Life is a big canvas,so throw all the paint you can on it




Full Name: Carson Felix Vargas


Height: 6'0

Age: 19

Sex: (Gay) Male

Secret Obsession: Butts

Appearance: Dark brown hair,Brown eyes,tan skin

Personality:Very quiet and shy until you get to know him,happy-go-lucky, but is easily angered or saddened

Back story: Was very bookish,until his mother died when he was 9,and had to help Nikki get over their mothers death.Was bullied for being gay,until he met Axis,who stood up for him

Motto: The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time




I will add more characters as the story goes on,and more characters show up.


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