Feel the Beat

A story about love,laughs,and boys,this is probably gonna be really weird,but I hope you still love it.


2. Big news

"MY LIP GLOSS IS COOL,MY LIP GLOSS BE POPPIN',IM STANDING AT MY LOCKER,AND ALL THE BOYS STOPPIN'.."  I rolled over and shoved my face in my pillow. "AXIS,IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP,I WILL PERSONALLY GO DOWNSTAIRS AND MURDER YOU!" I screamed,rubbing sleep out of my eyes.I looked up and saw my brother,Carson,'s best friend." How do you NOT murder someone personally". He asks,flipping his blood red hair." Multiple ways,I could give you a demonstration,my innocent friend".I said ,playfully smiling. Axis smiled back and pushed me up against a wall,pressing his chest against mine."I can show you how uninnocent I am." "You know,that'd be a lot sexier if unninocent was a word." I said,kneeing him in the crotch. Suddenly we heard a crash and an angry scream. Axis and I ran down stairs to find my brother with a balled fist and a smashed bowl on the ground.My Dad,who was sitting across from him ,started yelling," CARSON FELIX VARGAS,YOU CLEAN UP THAT BOWL AND STOP OVER REACTING!" " What happened?" Axis and I asked dad simultaneously. " I've been meaning to tell you this,Nik,but I want you to sit down first." He then pulled Axis to the side and whispered something along the lines of "Keep any sharp objects away,this ones fiesty". I sat down and stared at him,waiting. " You and your brother are going to Paris...." I got up screaming in joy,thinking about all the cute boys and art in Paris. "Shut up and sit down" said Carson,still angry abou the news."....You didn't let me finish. You'll be living in Paris, leaving everything,and everybody behind." I stared at him,then to Carson,and back. I repeated this until I broke down crying."B-b-but what about Tikky, and Cameron,and Ash,and Axis,and Raphael the Pizza Guy,and Candy the Whore and,Alex the Artist and,and,and-" "Now you're just making people up," Dad said said looking at me with sorrow.Axis hugged me and replied to my dad " Actually,I've met these guys, I must say Candy the whore is pretty hot." I stared at him angrily until he kissed me on the nose when no one was looking. "You're hotter though,blue," He said, referring to my hair color. "You'll be leaving in two months,and I expect you to be finished packing by then"Interrupted dad,staring at Carson. Dad sat back down and I ran upstairs to my room to call Tikki.



Holy shit. My best friend, and my sort of girl friend are moving to Paris. I ran up the stairs to Nikki's room and knocked on her door. Making sure nobody could hear me I whispered, "Trouble is a friend...". I put my ear against her door and heard her faintly continue with " ...But trouble is a foe oh~oh." I opened the door slowly  to see her lying on her floor surrounded by pillows and doodles."No matter if you're fast," I sang quietly.She looked up at me with wide eyes  I jumped on her screaming "NO MATTER IF YOU'RE SLOW!" I closed the door and she crawled into my lap. " I hate him. I hate him. I hate him I hate him I hatehimIhatehim I HATE HIM!" She yelled. "I'll make you feel better" I said,crawling on top of her.All of  a sudden Carson walked into the room.He stared at me and then Nikki."........."he was still staring. " Listen bro,I can exp-" I started,but he cut me off. "Nikki, Mom just called." Our eyes got wide and Nikki spoke." Carson,mom has been dead for eleven years"


"I know."

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