adopted by harry styles

hi im hope my parents died right when i was skypeing harry styles i was an orphan for a long time and met my best friend


2. the safer place

"welcome im taylor and no not taylor swift"Taylor said smiling "Hi im hope nice to meet you"i said relising i had to skype the boys "so follow me ill show you are room"she said walking upstairs "so are you a directioner?"she asked "yes i am directioner forever"i say thinking why she said that "ok good cause i put Louis posters by your bed"she said and opened the door "Well hes my favorite out of the band"i said and ran to my bed "Cool"she said and i grab my laptop out of my bag "what are you going on"she asked "I'm going to Skype 1D wanna join"i asked "Yes i do i won't freak out"she said sitting right next to me i skype harry and he awnsers "Hey Hope its me harry" he said while louis was driving "Hey harry"Me and Taylor said at the same time "Go outside"Harry said and he stopped the skype "That's werid"i said to Taylor "Ya but let's go outside like he said"Taylor said "Ok let's go"i said while we went outside and we see a gray van and Harry and Louis walk out "What are you guys here for" Taylor asked "To get you 2 out of here"Louis said "we'll go inside and pack"i said "Ok sounds good"Harry said "See ya later love"Louis said and kissed my cheek "Bye"we both said walking inside "Wow we're going to live with 1D"Taylor said so happy "Louis Tomlinson is mine"i said "Well Harry is mine"Taylor said "deal"i told her then a lady came up to are rooms "come downstairs your both going to be abopted"the lady said then walked downstairs "Let's go"Taylor said with her stuff packed "Ok im ready"i said then we walked downstairs "enjoy liveing with them"the lady said "Let's go"Harry said and Taylor walked towards Harry "Ya the boys wanna see you again"Louis said then we all walked to the car then when Harry turned on the radio Last First Kiss by 1D was playing and Taylor was sitting right next to Harry and i was sitting right next to Louis they both started singing along then we finally got there right after the song

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