adopted by harry styles

hi im hope my parents died right when i was skypeing harry styles i was an orphan for a long time and met my best friend


3. chapter 3

I walked out of the car and the boys and taylor follow then I just knock next thing I know liam starts huggin me like crazy "Hope i missed you!"Niall yelled from the living room i walked in and it was really nice "So were am I going to sleep"Taylor asked "Harry well show you were you two well be sleeping"Zayn said and Harry started walking upstairs me and Taylor followed and Harry opened a door that and the room was pink and had taylor on the wall with a bunch of harry posters and 1D posters "So taylor this is were u well be sleeping"Harry said and gave Taylor an kiss on her cheek "Thanks harry"Taylor said walking in the room then harry just points to a door then I walk towards it and open the door it was a red room with a bunch of louis posters and start unpacking my stuff i need to grab my other bag then i ran into liam "Im so sorry"Liam said i couldnt answer his brown eyes looking down at me were cute then he pulled out his hand to help me up i grabbed his hand and got up "Its ok liam"I said while getting up liam was cuter in realz then liam walked away I went to finsh getting my then I remembered all of my things r 1D this is not good

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