something to worry about

Marley is your average 16 year old girl who has a normal life until she reunites with a child hood friend, Niall Horan. After they meet, someone is after them and other exciting things happen in school.


3. what's happening??

Niall's POV

We walked out of homeroom and saw 6 dead bodies laying on the ground and than there was someone on the school's speaker.

"Marley Smith if you want to stop this madness, you will have to make yourself a sacrifice." the voice said obliviously in a disguised voice.

"Marley who the hell is that? What is he talking about?" I asked in a scared voice.

"No I cant believe this is happening! How did he find me?" She said and fell to the floor and started crying.

"Marley who is it?!"

"My dad. I ran away from home and that is why I live alone until you came back and I turned him into the police for sexually abusing me and beating me." She said in between sobs.

"Marley! What the hell we have to get out of here than! NOW!" I screamed, grabbed her and picked her up and ran out of the school.

I put her in the back seat in the car and I hopped in the front and drove away as fast as I could.

"Marley do you think he was the one who threw the knife at us?"

"I should've known! That was the knife he used to cut me with if I didn't reach his expectations even though I was only 13 for fucking sake!" She screamed and started crying again.

"Woah Marley you're fine I can take you to mine and the boys hotel."

We finally got there and I knocked on the door.

"Coming." said a voice with a high pitched-like British accent.

"That's what she said!" said a very low and lazy sounding British accent.

"Oh shut up Harry!" said the high pitched voice again

"Hey what are you doing back so early mate?" Louis said while opening the door.

"Well we ran into a little trouble so we came back here." I said and held Marley's hand tight.

"Niall got himself a girlfriend!" Liam came in smiling.


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